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Moscow – Ulaanbaatar Trains

Basic Information

Moscow to Ulaanbaatar Rail MapMoscow - Ulaanbaatar railway is regarded as one of the most popular international train routes in Russia, attracting a number of travelers each year. Ulaanbaatar, as the capital of Mongolia, is a modern international city with rich grassland style. It must be the most perfect way for travelers to explore a boundless stretch of prairie and the breath-taking Gobi Desert. Trans-Mongolian Railway, an offshoot of Trans-Siberia, refers to the train passing by Ulaanbaatar, still heading for southeast of China and finally reaching Beijing. 
There are two pairs of trains running between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar, train 004/003 and train 006/005. The total length of Moscow - Ulaanbaatar Railway line is about 6266 kilometers (3894 kilometers) and it will take travelers about 4 days on board. There are many important stops along the way, such as Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Suha-Bator.

Departure & Arrival Train Stations 


Moscow Yaroslavsky Train Station

It is one of the largest and the most beautiful train stations in Moscow, mainly serving the trains to Siberia, the Russian Far East, Mongolia and China.
Address: 5 Komsomolskaya Sq., Moscow
How to get: It is more convenient for travelers to take the metro "Komsomolskaya" to get there.

Ulaanbaatar Train Station

It mainly serves the trains to all parts of Mongolia and the International trains to Moscow, Beijing and Hohhot.
Address: Teeverchid Street, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
How to get: It will take about 45 minutes from the city center to Ulaanbaatar train station and you can take the bus No.6, 176, 27, T4, 42, 17A, 46 and 52. Since all of the station names are in Mongolian, most of travelers tend to take a taxi.

Moscow to Ulaanbaatar Train Timetable

(Last Update on July 15, 2020)
Train No. Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Working Day
004 23:55 06:45+5 97h50m Every Tuesday
006 23:55 06:45+5 97h50m Once a week on Wednesdays
Note: The above time is only for reference and it is based on the local time.

Ulaanbaatar to Moscow Train Timetable

(Last Update on July 15, 2020)
Train No. Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Working Day
003 15:22 13:58+4 99h36m Every Thursday
005 15:22 13:58+4 99h36m Once a week on Fridays
Note: The above time is only for reference and it is based on the local time.

About Visa Information

If you would like to make a trip in Russia, then you must have a corresponding visa before travelling. Travelers should leave themselves enough time to apply for visas to different countries to avoid any problems. Taking the train from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar, travelers should apply for not only the Russian Visa, but also a Mongolian Visa. Boarding the trains from Moscow to Beijing, you still need a Chinese Visa and a Mongolian Transit Visa if your train is passing by Mongolia. While if taking the Trans-Manchurian Railway to Beijing directly, then the Mongolian Transit Visa is not necessary, which depends on which itinerary you choose. Here are some essential information that travelers should know.
Application Time Processing Time
Russian Visa At least five weeks before departure 6-21 working days
Mongolian Visa At least seven weeks before departure 6 working days
Chinese Visa At least six weeks before departure 4 working days
Note: The above information is only for reference and please check the visa details from the embassy.

- Last modified on Jul. 29, 2020 -
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