Baishui Village (White Water Village)

Noted for the Baishui Fairy Waterfall, the highest in China, Guangzhou Baishui Village (White Water Village) is situated in Paitan Town, Zengcheng District of Guangzhou, and 70 kilometers (44 miles) from the city center. The whole area is surrounded by the Southern Kun Mountain in the east and Conghua Hot Spring Town in the west. The village consists of several mountains, and the main peak is 828 meters (2,700 feet) high. Now it is a scenic area of provincial level which covers an area of about 170 square kilometers (66 square miles). Baishui Villages' chief feature is its beautiful waterfall, and because the Tropic of Cancer goes through the scenic area, it is also famed as 'a magnificent jade on the Tropic of Cancer'.

Baishui Fairy Waterfall

There is no doubt that Baishui Fairy Waterfall is the most famous site in the Baishui Village scenic area. Its fall reaches 428.5 meters (1,400 feet). The charm of the waterfall can be perceived from quite a distance. Tourist can catch sight of it on the way to Baishui Village, along the Zengpai Road (from Zengcheng to Paitan).

The pure white waterfall is divided into three sections with different shapes and features from the top to the bottom. The upper section looks like a dragon dancing in the air; the middle one is like a huge silk curtain hanging on the mountains; while the lowest one looks like thousands of white pearls scattered in the green woods. Though each of them has its own characteristics, together they form a spectacular waterfall. Just as Li Bai (a famous poet in Tang Dynasty (618-907)) wrote in his poem 'Cataract on Mount Lu', in which he says 'The water runs down from three thousand feet high, just like the Milky Way dropping down the sky.'

From a nearer viewpoint, the waterfall looks like a beautiful fairy who stands gracefully, dancing gently in the wind. A legend goes that this graceful waterfall is the incarnation of the woman immortal, He Xiangu (a member of Eight Immortals in the Chinese traditional culture). According to the local people, He Xiangu's home was located next to Paitan Town; and it was in this beautiful place that she became an immortal. Because of the legend, as well as the beautiful and elegant shape of the waterfall, it came to be known as Baishui Fairy Waterfall.

The First Step-road of South China

Tourists have two routes to choose from when they arrive at the foot of the hill. If one enjoys mountain climbing, he can choose the First Step-road of South China; if he wants to be close to the water he should choose the Plank Road.

The First Step-road of South China is build along the Baishui Fairy Waterfall from the bottom to the mountaintop. It is the longest mountain path in Guangdong Province, having altogether 9,999 stairs, with the total length of 6.6 kilometers (4.1 miles). The path stretches over three mountains and bonds two heaven lakes (lakes that located in the high mountain). It includes six parts, respectively named Xunxian (journey to fairyland), Yijing (pleasant mood in beautiful nature), Zhinan (realize the difficulty and still have tenacity), Lansheng (enjoy the beauty in the mountains), Yongshi (men of courage and ambition), and Dengfeng (stand on the mountaintop). Along the path, tourists have the chance to enjoy the green mountains and waters.

Stages at Difficult Altitude

Close to the First Step-road of South China, there are several stages at different altitude for tourists to view the waterfall from different points of view. The first stage is on the 1,499th stair, Puming Stage, which means that one can hear the sound of the waterfall falling down. The second, Qinpu stage is on the 2,199th stair. On this stage, one will have the chance to touch the waterfall with his own hands. Besides, it is high enough to view the mountains in the distance. The third stage, Mupu Stage is on the 3,299th stair, where one can 'take a shower' in the waterfall mist in zero distance. At that time, surrounded by the cold mist of the waterfall and breathing the fresh air, it's really enjoyable experience.

Xiangu Heavenly Lake & Seven Fairies Lake

Continuing the climb, going through the Immortal Gully, one will reach the headstream of the waterfall - Xiangu Heavenly Lake and another lake - Seven Fairies Lake. With a total volume of 4.8 million cubic meters (41.5 million barrels), they are like two green gems set in the mountains, clear and sparkling. The 9,999th stair is the zenith of the path. It is said that if lovers climb to the 9,999th together, their love would be forever.

The Plank Road

Instead of the First Step-road of South China, one can choose the Plank Road. Every plank in the Plank Road is made of ship wood. It complies with the ups and downs of the mountains. On the Plank Road, tourists will have the chance to be close to the waterfall and streams, and see other beautiful scenery. There are Magical Water Valley, the Tree House and Huixian Bridge on this road. Also, along the Plank Road, one can go to the 1,499th stair, Puming Stage too. If following a path on the cliff, one can even reach to 2,199th stair, Qinpu Stage. What’s more, all years round there are different flowers blossoming in the mountains in a riot of colors.

Tips and Cautions

1. Pay attention to personal safety when you are close to the water and taking photos.
2. Be sure your energy and physical strength are sufficient if you want to climb to the mountaintop.

How to get to Baishui Village

1. Take a direct bus from Guangzhou Bus Station to Baishui Village at 8:00 and 13:00.
2. Take bus from Guangzhou Bus Station/ Fangcun / Luochongwei / Tianhe / Huangpu / Dongpu / Guangyuan / Jiaokou / East Railway Station Bus Station to Conghua Bus Station first, and then transfer to tourist bus to Baishui Village.
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Opening Time 8:30-17:30 (ticketing time: 8:30-16:30)
Entrance Fee CNY 60 for adults; CNY 48 from Oct. 1 to 7.
CNY 30 for children between 1.2 -1.5 meters (3.9-4.9 feet) high;
Free for children shorter than 1.2 meters.
Best Time to Visit March to November
Nearby Attraction:
Liuxi River National Forest Park
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Questions & Answers on Baishui Village
Asked by Mohamed Ahmed from EGYPT | Jan. 28, 2019 06:42Reply
Pls how can i reach from Guangzhou Beijing road to Baishui Village?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mason from UKRAINE | Jan. 29, 2019 18:41

It is advised to take metro line 6 to Ouzhuang Station and change to metro line 5 to Yuzhu Station. Then take metro line 13 to Xintang Station, Exit E. After arriving, take public bus no.Zengcheng 34 to Shangshao Village. Walk north around 900 meters to the village.
Asked by Fathy from CHINA | Feb. 06, 2018 01:23Reply
Can someone visit Baishui Village in February? Is it open?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gloria from NORWAY | Feb. 06, 2018 20:24

Yes, it’s open. Have a nice trip!
Asked by Ka | Jul. 31, 2017 16:01Reply
Hi.How to get to Baishui Village to see the waterfall from Guang Zhou Ba Dun Hotel by MTR?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellen from NEW ZEALAND | Jul. 31, 2017 20:25

Sorry to tell you metro can’t take you there from your hotel, you are suggested to take Bus B8 and get off at East Xiaoqi Rd, then walk south for about 300 yards to North Tangde Community, take Bus Guangzeng 5 and get off at Guangbenchang, then you can take a taxi to the village.
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