Zengcheng, China

Zengcheng District Facts

Chinese Name: 增城区 (zēng chéng qū)
Population: 11,198,310
Area: 1,616.47 square kilometers (624.12 square miles)
Location: in the east of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 020
Zip Code: 511300
GDP (2018): CNY112.4 billion (USD 16.98 billion)

Famous Jeans City

Located in the east of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Zengcheng District is the municipal district of Guangzhou. It is adjacent to Dongguan on the south, Huizhou on the east and Conghua District on the north. Zengcheng China is also known as the famous jeans city as 60% of the nationwide jeans are from Zengcheng, accounting for 30% of the export. The jeans are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Russia, the United States, the European Union, and Hong Kong. Zengcheng is also one of the major litchi producing areas in China.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Zengcheng District

 Guangzhou Xintang International Jeans City
Travelers go to Guangzhou Xintang International Jeans City to buy jeans. It is the largest wholesale market of denim clothing in China. Jeans are relatively cheap and there are more than 1,100 stores to meet your needs for different styles.

 Baishui Village (White Water Village)
Baishui Village is famous for the 9,999-step climbing path, waterfall, primitive forest, shoal, wetland and canyon. Among them, Baishuixian Waterfall, with a drop of 428.5m (1,405.8 ft), is the most remarkable. There are several viewing platforms in the scenic spot, on which you can enjoy the waterfall at a close distance.

 Mid-lake Island Cruise
You can take in the culture and folk customs of Zengcheng while enjoying the beautiful scenery through the 2-hour cruise. When the boat passes the Mid-lake Island, you are able to enjoy the green bamboo, lush trees, as well as quiet and beautiful countryside scenery.

 Zhengguo Temple
Zhengguo temple is characterized by exquisite architectural decoration art. The whole building is ancient and magnificent. The most striking is the colorful roof ridge decoration, representing a strong folk art charm.

Others: Niugu Mountain, Xiao Lou Scenic Area, Ho Hsien Ku Temple

Best Time to Visit Zengcheng District

The best time to visit Zengcheng China is October and November. The climate is relatively cool and dry in October and November compared with the hot and rainy summer, from June to September, with an annual temperature of 30℃ (86℉). The spring time of Zengcheng Zhou, February to May always sees the slight rain. Zengcheng District is cold from November to January when the temperature drops to 17℃ (63℉).

Zengcheng District Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and then take Shuttle Bus Conghua Line to Zengcheng, taking about 2 hours. The operation hours of shuttle bus is 5:30 - 18:10. From Zengcheng District to airport, the operation hours is 7:00 - 20:10. Guangzeng express bus 5 is available from Guangzhou Railway Station to Zengcheng. It also takes about 2 hours from Guangzhou Bus Station and Tianhe Bus Station to Zengcheng China by coaches.

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Buses and taxis are the main transportation methods while metro is unavailable in Zengcheng Guangzhou. It charges CNY12 for the first 3 km and CNY2.6/km for the following distance by taxis.

Best Zengcheng District Food to Try

Wonton, Rice-flour Noodle, Glutinous Rice Balls, Xiadui, Chinese Pudding and Egg Loose are the best Zengcheng Guangzhou foods to try.

Stir-fry shrimps and shredded radish until cooked, then wrap them in rice paste and deep-fry until golden. It is tender and delicious with a crisp skin.
 Egg Loose
With middle gluten flour, eggs and lard as main ingredients, the cross shape Egg Lose is a famous Guangzhou snack with a crisp flavor.

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