Haizhu Distirct, Guangzhou

Haizhu District Facts

Chinese Name: 海珠区 (hǎi zhū qū)
Population: 14,904,400
Area: 90.40 square kilometers (34.90 square miles)
Location: in the center of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 020
Zip Code: 510220
GDP (2018): CNY188.15 billion (USD 28.43 billion)  

Haizhu District is located in the middle of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It is adjacent to Yuexiu District and Tianhe District in the north and Huangpu District, Liwan District and Panyu District in the east, west and south respectively. The main areas are Haizhu Island, Henan Island, Guanzhou Island and Yajisha Island. The famous Canton Tower, the landmark of Guangzhou, stands in Haizhu District.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Haizhu District

 Canton Tower
The 600-meter Canton Tower is the second tallest tower in the world, the highest in China and has been a must-see scenic spot in Haizhu District. It provides a bird’s view of Guangzhou with diverse entertainment items and romantic restaurants. The 488 Lookout, Sky Drop, Bubble Tram, Engineering Marvel Tour Hall, Star Observation Deck & Cloud Observation Deck are highlights on the tower.

 Pearl River Night Cruise
Visitors can board at the Canton Tower Wharf to enjoy the wonderful night cruise, one of the features of Haizhu District travel. The stunning and dazzling night view of Pearl River can be appreciated along the way.

 Historic Site of Ancient Whampoa Anchorage
The Ancient Whampoa Anchorage is an excellent place to learn about the maritime Silk Road, experience Lingnan village customs and taste authentic Guangzhou snacks. The famous antique merchant ship Gothenburg, Sweden, once stopped here. Today, the ancient port is rebuilt with many scenic spots like the Whampoa Anchorage Museum and Whampoa Anchorage Exhibition Hall.

 Haizhu National Wetland Park
The park integrated lakes, rivers, marshes, orchards and river networks, creating an excellent habitat for fish, birds and other creatures. The wetland perfectly combines the natural beauty and local culture. The magnificent Lingnan memorial archway and the time-honored Guoer buildings are the landmark architecture of the park.

Best Time to Visit Haizhu District

The best time to visit Haizhu District China is from late autumn to early winter, October to November when the temperature is just right. The annual average temperature in Haizhu District is 23.6 ℃ (74.5F). In the whole year, April to June is the rainy season while July to September is hot with frequent typhoons. December to February is relatively cool.

Haizhu Distirict Weather Forecast



Travelers can fly to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and then take Metro Line 3 to Haizhu District Guangzhou. Or one can take Metro Line 3 and transfer to Metro Line 5 from Guangzhou Railway Station to there.

The inner transportation methods depend on metro, buses and taxis. Guangzhou Metro Line 2, 3, 4, 8, Guangfo Metro Line and APM pass through Haizhu District. Visitors can take Metro Line 3 and APM to Canton Tower. It costs CNY12 for the first 3 km and CNY2.6/km for the next distance by taxis. To reach Haizhu District, Visitors need to spend CNY 40-50 from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and CNY 125-140 respectively from Guangzhou Railway Station.

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Best Haizhu District Food to Try

Peanut Crisps, Pork Biscuits, Tangbushuai, Ginger Milk, and Bamboo-pressed Noodles are very famous and traditional snacks in Haizhu District Guangzhou. And many fancy restaurants can be found at Tongfu East Road. 

Tangbushuai is one of the traditional local sweets in Guangdong Province. The taste is absolutely smooth, sweet but not greasy, and suitable for all ages. It's easy to make it. Cook the glutinous rice flour directly, knead it into powder balls, and boil it in hot syrup. Then sprinkle with the ground fried peanuts or shredded fried eggs.

Recommended Restaurants

 Laolu Fish Porridge: Sliced Fish Congee, Stir-fired Vermicelli Roll
Address: 2F, Fuxing Building, No. 538, Tongfu East Road

 Haidon Ruifang Restaurant: Soup Noodles with Sirloin, Wonton Noodles
Address: No.8, Rongrongdong, Tongfu East Road

 Fenfang Dessert: Tangbushuai
Address: No.619, Tongfu East Road

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