Panyu, Guangzhou China

Panyu District Facts

Chinese Name: 番禺区 (pān yú qū)
Population: 1,719,300
Area: 529.94 square kilometers (204.6 square miles)
Location: on the south central of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, southeast China
Area Code: 020
Zip Code: 511400
GDP (2018): CNY 207.9 billion (USD 31.4 billion)

City of Gastronomy

Panyu District is affiliated to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It borders Haizhu District in the north, Zhongshan City in the west. Panyu Guangzhou is a city of gastronomy and one of the birthplaces of Cantonese cuisine. The catering industry is booming, forming a number of famous food streets and a number of delicious restaurants. The Guangzhou International Food Festival is held in Panyu District every November. At the same time, travelers can spend a good time in Chimelong Tourist Resort

Top Things to Do in Panyu District

You may need 3-4 days for Panyu travelling.
 Go to Guangzhou International Food Festival
Held in every November, Guangzhou International Food Festival gathers countless delicious food here. Travelers can have a taste of the local food from well-known restaurants such as Guangzhou Restaurant and Wangfujing Restaurant, and taste special snacks from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The dazzling cuisines will satisfy travelers’ taste buds.
 Visit Chimelong Tourist Resort
It is a comprehensive tourist resort which attracts countless travelers. Travelers can get close to wildlife and feed them in the Safari Park, watch professional circus performance in the International Circus, and spend a happy time with family members in the Water Park.
 Climb Lotus Hill
As one of the “Eight Scenes in Guangzhou”, it is famous for its ingenious stone wonders. It is the first choice for travelers to feel ancient culture, pray, view flowers and go on holidays. Lotus Tourism Cultural Festival is held from June to August every year, different kinds of lotus, lotus-themed performances and interactive games will give you a new travel experience.
 Watch Cantonese Opera
It is a kind of local traditional operas which sung in Cantonese dialect. It is also a performance art integrating singing, speaking, acting, acrobatic fighting, music, stage costumes and abstract performance together. Travelers can have wonderful audiovisual enjoyment.

Best Time to Visit Panyu District

The best time to visit Panyu, Guangzhou China is from October to December with a temperature of 17-25℃ (62.6-77℉). Cool weather and less rain are suitable for travelling. The climate in Panyu belongs to the subtropical maritime monsoon climate. The average annual temperature is 22℃ (72℉). The rainy season is from April to September with a temperature of 25-32℃ (77-89.6℉). July to September is with frequent typhoons.
If you want to see the beautiful lotus, the best time is from June to August.

Panyu District Weather Forecast



Panyu District China enjoys convenient transportation and has the largest high speed railway Station of the city, Guangzhou South Railway Station. It only takes 48 mins from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station to Panyu District. Travelers can take a flight to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport first, and then take airport bus 7a to Panyu China.
Within the city area, Metro Line 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 17, 18, 22 are available. The taxi charges CNY 12 for the first 3 km and CNY 2.6/km for subsequent distance. It costs about CNY210-220 from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Panyu District. Travelers can take Metro Line 3 or Line 7 and get off at Hanxi Changlong Station to Chimelong Tourist Resort.

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Best Panyu District Food to Try

As the City of Gastronomy, Panyu District is rich in delicious food including Pig Porridge, Ginger Milk, Shiqiao Fish Sumai, Salty Dumplings, and Baked Sweet Potato with Cheese and so on.
 Pig Offal Porridge
It is a traditional snack in Guangdong Province. After adding the eucalyptus leaves, the porridge and the minced pig liver, kidney and pork mix together. With smelling aroma, it makes travelers eat with joy.
 Ginger Milk
It is a traditional dessert which takes ginger and milk as the main raw material. With a unique flavor, it tastes smooth. It has an effect of maintaining beauty, relieving cough and promoting bone growth.
 Shiqiao Fish Sumai
It takes squid meat as its main stuffing, and adds Fen wine, sausage grains, fat meat, pepper, dried tangerine peel, onion and other condiments. In the process of steaming, the oil and the alcohol contained in the sausage are infiltrated into the squid filling.
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