Conghua, China

Conghua Distirct Facts

Chinese Name: 从化区 (cóng huà qū)
Population: 11,198,310
Area: 1,974.5 square kilometers (762.4 square miles)
Location: in the northeast of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 020
Zip Code: 510900
GDP (2018): CNY41.67 billion (USD 6.30 billion)

Famous for Rare Hot Springs

Conghua District is located in the northeast of Guangzhou City, the middle of Guangdong Province. It is close to Zengcheng District on the east, Baiyun District on the south and Qingyuan City and Huadu District on the west. There are a great number of hot spring resources in Wenquan Town. The Tropic of Cancer crosses the Taiping town, in the south of the Conghua China. As it also possesses an excellent ecological environment, Conghua Distirct Guangzhou enjoys a fine reputation as the Back Garden of Guangzhou.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Conghua District

Conghua traveling features rich hot spring resources such as Wenquan Town and Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort. The Shimen National Forest Park serves great flower seas and lush forest and Liuxi River National Forest Park highlights Peacock Island and Monkey Island. Besides, the Tropic of Cancer Mark Tower Park, Qianlonggou Waterfall, and Xitou Village are also worth to visit.

 Shimen National Forest Park
With great forest coverage, Shimen National Forest Park is an ecological park which preserves a wonderful natural scenery. It is divided into five areas for sightseeing or exploration. In addition, various kinds of flowers are planted in the park for tourists to view in different seasons, such as rape flower, plum blossom, azalea and peach blossom.

 Conghua Hot Spring Scenic Area 
Conghua Hot Spring Scenic Area, 75 kilometers (246,063 feet) away from Guangzhou, has 13 springs which are rich in minerals and good for health. Among them, the Xianmuyuan Hot Spring Park and Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort with well-equipped entertainment facilities are the most famous. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to relax and have fun in Conghua China.

 Tropic of Cancer Mark Tower Park
At present, the tower is of rocket type with the highest height and the largest scale on the Tropic of Cancer in the world. At 12:26 June 22 every year, the sun shines directly on the central copper pillar at the bottom of the tower. Standing inside at this moment, you can see that the tower has no shadow.

Best Time to Visit Conghua District

The best time to visit Conghua Guangzhou is March to April and September to November, appropriate to appreciate various flowers in the Shimen National Forest Park. From March to April, the Rhodoleia Championii Hook, rape flower, Dream Birdwood's Mucuna, azaleas bloom. October provides visitors with a flower rainbow. And the red maple forest covers the mountains in November.

Conghua China has a mild climate and abundant rainfall with an annual temperature of 22℃ (72℉). The summer, June to August, is hot and rainy and the average temperature is about 29℃ (84℉). At the end and beginning of the year, there are strong cold air or cold wave and different degrees of low temperature frost (ice) freezing all over the city.

Conghua District Weather Forecast



Travels can take a flight to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and then take Shuttle Bus Conghua Line to Conghua. Also, one can take Guangzhou Metro Line 3 at the airport and transfer to Metro Line 14 at the Jiahewanggang Station. It is also easy to access by metro from Guangzhou South Railway Station or Guangzhou Railway Station. About 1 hour is needed from East Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station, and Guangzhou Passenger Transport Station by coaches to Conghua China.

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Buses, taxis, metro are available in Conghua District. Guangzhou Metro Line 14 is the only metro line in the district by now. It charges CNY12 for the first 3 km of Conghua taxi and CNY2.6/km for subsequent distance.

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Best Conghua District Food to Try

The best Conghua China food to try includes Fenbao, Glutinous Rice Balls, Chaomibing, Crisp Sweet Dumpling, Lvtian Braised Pork, Liuxi Fish Head.

Fenbao, a special food in Conghua Guangzhou, looks like Steamed Buns but the skin is crystal triangular sheet jelly. The fillings usually include pork, shrimps, mushrooms, green bean and yam bean.

 Fried Rice Powder Cake
Fried Rice Powder Cake is a kind of cake with crisp, sweet and delicious flavor. Stir-fry the rice until golden and then grind into powder, add sugar paste and sesame, peanut, egg, peanut chips, coconut shred. Put it into the mold to make a certain shape and bake until done.

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Questions & Answers on Conghua, China
Asked by Tania from CHINA | Oct. 02, 2023 10:49Reply
What buses go from Conghua bus terminal/metro to Bishuiwan hot spring?
I would like to visit Bishuiwan Hotspring. Can you please advise me on what bus I should get to Bishuiwan hotspring? (Liangkou town)
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily | Oct. 08, 2023 20:34

You can take Bus Line 12 and 11 to Bishuiwan.
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