Nanyue Garden

Located in Zini Village, Shawan Town, Panyu District of Guangzhou, and to the north of Baomo Garden, Nanyue Garden boasts the construction style of both traditional southern China, and the royal landscape garden.



Nanyue Garden has grand architecture as well as many beautiful attractions within the complex such as the ninedragon screen, winding corridor, Welcoming Pavilion and Joyful Pavilion, five exhibition halls including the Zhao Tailai Exhibition Hall, HuoZongjie Exhibition Hall, pearl exhibition hall, jade-ware exhibition hall, and pottery and porcelain exhibition hall. The site also has plants, water, and rocks, etc., all carefully constructed and laid out based on the local terrain and water characteristics.

Featured Craftwork

Southern China Architectural Feature

Typical Southern China architectural features can be seen everywhere inside the Nanyue Garden with the Zhao Tailai Exhibition Hall, Welcoming Pavilion, Listening-spring House and some walls of the winding corridor have white granite foundations, blue brick walls and glazed tile roofs.

Lotus Bracket

Lotus brackets are widely used, which are traditional southern China style. But the construction materials have been changed from wood to reinforced concrete to make the buildings more solid. Colored drawing and gilding used in royal gardens is also prevalent, making the Nanyue Garden bright and colorful.

Stone Carvings

Other craftworks used in the construction of the Nanyue Garden include stone carvings, pottery and porcelain sculptures, wood carvings, and lime sculptures, etc. The stone carvings were a large project with almost all of the major buildings being supported by blue stone pillars carved with dragon patterns. There is even an aerial walkway supported by six 27-meter-high (23 feet), 1-meter-thick (3.3 feet) white stone pillars. Carved with dragon patterns, they are delicate, grand and luxurious.

Pottery and Porcelain Sculpture

The pottery and porcelain sculptures in the garden include the eye-catching 'god of longevity chasing deer' on the ridge of archway at the front gate, 'eighteen arhats' in Zhao Tailai Exhibition Hall, 'eight immortals' in jade ware exhibition hall, and 'Legend of Deification' in pottery and porcelain exhibition hall are all large-scale two-sided pottery sculptures. These colorful, lively and vivid pottery and porcelain drawings make Nanyue Garden a heaven of art.

Wood Carving

The Nanyue Garden is also decorated with lots of Chaozhou wood carvings. These exquisite, graceful gold-gilded carvings shine along the eaves of the front gate archway, the Welcoming Pavilion, Purple House and the five exhibition halls.

Lime Sculpture

Lime sculpture is a traditional southern China art form, and near the winding corridor of Joyful Pavilion, there is a lime sculpture named 'Birds Worshipping the Sun'. On this 20-square-metes (24-square-yard) lime drawing, peacocks, pheasants, magpies, swans and mandarin ducks are flying towards the sun in various postures. Lime sculptures can also be seen in the flower beds and walls inside the Nanyue Garden. 

How to get to Nanyue Garden

Baomo Garden is about 100 meters (110 yards) to Nanyue Garden; so you can go to Baomo Garden first.

From Guangzhou city:
Take Metro line 3 to Shiqiao, get out from Exit B and take bus no. Pan 12/67 to Baomoyuan (Baomo Garden) Zongzhan.

From Foshan city:
Take bus no.314 from Shunde Bus Station to Panyu Baomoyuan.
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Entrance Fee CNY 50;
CNY 25 for children from 1.2 to 1.5m (3.9 - 4.9 feet);
Free for children under 1.2m.
Opening Hours 08:30 – 17:30

 Recommended Nearby Attractions: 
  Baomo Garden
  Shawan Ancient Town

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