Baomo Garden

Baomo Garden is located in Zini Village, Panyu District of Guangzhou. More than just a garden, it covers an area of about 100,000 square meters (about 25 acres) and is a complex of encompassing culture, south China traditional architecture and south China garden arts.

Baomo Garden was built in the late Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD) as an extension of the Temple of Lord Bao located to the east of the Garden. The Temple itself was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty, to praise Lord Bao Zheng of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD) and his qualities of incorruptibility and justice. The original garden was destroyed in the 1950s. Reconstruction work began in 1955 and lasted for eight years. Large and elegant, the rebuilt garden is a good example of south China gardens.

Arts Works inside the Garden

Baomo Garden can be divided into many scenic areas and sites. At its front gate is a grand and exquisite white stone archway. Inside the garden, pottery sculptures, porcelain sculptures, brick sculptures, stone carvings, and wood carvings can be seen everywhere. The most amazing piece is the porcelain inverse relief 'Qingming Festival by the Riverside', which has been added to the Guinness Book of World Records. Another example of this type of work is the huge brick carving, Wall of Flowers and Birds. The bronze statue of Confucius is exhibited in the Treasure Pavilion on Litchi Island for visitors to worship

In addition to the above mentioned attractions and art works, there are many other famous scenic spots inside the garden.

Zhiben Hall

Zhiben Hall was originally Lord Bao's Hall. In its lobby, hangs a Chinese painting of a Lotus, symbolizing the upright and holy spirits of Lord Bao. Behind the hall, there is a granite plaque inscribed with the characters of 'Baomo Garden', which is the only relic of the garden.

Baomo Hall

In the lobby of Baomo Hall is a portrait of Lord Bao, painted by the famous Chinese painter, Han Yunlang. The two elms in front of the hall are nearly 100 years old. As they are tall and vigorous, and standing right in front of Lord Bao’s portrait like guards, people call them “General Trees”. On the roof bridge is a group of pottery sculptures telling the story of Lord Bao throwing ink stone into the river.

Longtu Hall

Longtu Hall is built in a traditional south China architecture style. It boasts delicate and elegant brick carvings, wood carvings, and clay sculptures, etc. Upon entering, visitors see a giant rosewood screen, 3.5 meters by 4.5 meters (about 11.5 feet by 14.8 feet). This screen took 16 artists about 18 months to complete. In front of it is the statue of Lord Bao that portrays his commitment to standing on principles.

Zhao Tailai Collection Hall

Zhao Tailai Collection Hall is built in the late Qing Dynasty temple style of the Pearl River Delta. Mr. Zhao is the permanent honorary director of Baomo Garden. His donations to this garden, including bronze Kwan-yin, horse, burner, and 41 large Tibet Thangkas are housed here.

Qianxiang Corridor

Qianxiang Corridor, about 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) long, winds up and down following the terrain and layout of the surrounding architecture. It not only provides protection from the rain and sun, but also is a nice place for sightseeing and resting.

Qingping Lake

The garden has a lot of wonderful water features. Litchi Scenery Bay, Qingping Lake, Baomo Lake and a 1000-meter-long river are interconnected. They are glassy like mirrors and run all the time. Over 30 bridges cross these waters for visitors’ convenience. The most famous is the Purple Ribbon Bridge over Qingping Lake. It is a traditional 9-arch stone bridge carved with famous Chinese stories like 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (220 - 280 AD)' and 'The Romance of the Sui (581 - 618 AD) and Tang Dynasties (618 - 907 AD)'. Another attractive water scene over Qingping Lake is Zidong Boat. The two-storey boat is 21 meters (69 feet) long, 6.8 meters (22 feet) wide and 8.7 meters (29 feet) high, constructed of reinforced concrete and decorated with teak. The wood carvings and wood furniture on the boat are very beautiful. On its first storey, visitors can drink tea and enjoy Cantonese music and operas.

Plants & Flowers

Another great thing about Baomo Garden is its plants and flowers, which make the garden beautiful all year round. The best places to enjoy these plants include Rose Yard, Lotus Pond, Orchid Garden, and Purple Bamboo Woods.

How to get to Baomo Garden

From Guangzhou city:
Take Metro line 3 to Shiqiao, get out from Exit B and take bus no. Pan 12/67 to reach the garden.

From Foshan city:
Take bus no.314 from Shunde Bus Station to the garden.
Guangzhou Bus / Metro Search

Entrance Fee CNY 54;
CNY 27 for children from 1.2-1.5m (3.9-4.9ft);
Free for children under 1.2m.
Opening Hours 08:30 to 17:30 (ticketing ends at 17:00)

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- Last updated on Sep. 20, 2018 -
Questions & Answers on Baomo Garden
Asked by Lee from USA | Mar. 16, 2018 03:55Reply
Are there taxis from Baomo Garden to Vanguard Hotel in Panyu?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nana | Mar. 16, 2018 04:04

Yes, it is generally not hard to hail a taxi there. Or you can download Didi to call a car.
Asked by Lee from USA | Mar. 16, 2018 02:03Reply
Best way to get to Baomo Garden from Vanguard Hotel in Panyu
Answers (1)
Answered by Kina | Mar. 16, 2018 02:28

The direct way is to take a taxi. You need to spend about CNY90 and it takes 25min or so. If you wanna take public transportation, walk form the hotel to Nandalukou and take bus no. 303, 310 or Pan 146 to Xinghai Park. Then change to Pan 12 to the garden directly. The whole way takes an hour or a little longer.
Asked by Ryan from MALAYSIA | Jan. 19, 2018 08:42Reply
Recommended time to spent at baomo garden?
Answers (2)
Answered by Michelle from SWITZERLAND | Jan. 22, 2018 00:00

Half a day is okay.
Answered by John from THE NETHERLANDS | Sep. 20, 2018 03:45

When you like culture/musea then you should spent at least one day, because it has a lot of real old artefacts inside. Also the toilets are the most clean I ever seen in the world, so they are surely the most clean in China ;-)
Asked by Ellen from USA | Jan. 17, 2018 07:32Reply
Where is the Guangzhou Coach Station?
I want to catch the Baomo Garden Special Bus that takes only 45 minutes from GZ. Give me a better name or address location for the Coach Station. I googled it and don't get a definitive answer.
Answers (7)
Answered by Phill from ITALY | Jan. 17, 2018 21:06

You can catch the bus from Shiqiao Bus Station in 16018 Qiaoxing Avenue, Panyu District. You can take subway line 3 to Shiqiao to get there.
Answered by Ellen from USA | Jan. 18, 2018 08:34


When I googled your suggestion, it takes over 3 hours. That is too long. I hope the author of this web page will reply to the Baomo Garden Special Bus that takes 45 minutes. That is what I want.
Answered by Phill from ITALY | Jan. 18, 2018 19:58

Oh, I got you! The Coach station is actually Guangzhoushi Qichezhan in Chinese pinyin. It’s in 158 West Huanshi Rd, Yuexiu District. By the way, it near the H exit of the subway station of GZ Railway Station (line 5).
Answered by Ellen from USA | Jan. 19, 2018 04:12


That is exactly the information I wanted. Thank you. I’m going now!!!
Answered by Ellen from USA | Jan. 20, 2018 19:30


Do you know the return times for the Baomo Garden Special Bus to GZ Coach Station for after finishing the garden visit?
Answered by Phill from ITALY | Jan. 21, 2018 19:54

Hi, Ellen! Actually, I didn’t find the information about the 45mins’ bus to the garden, so I don’t think it still works.
You are suggested to take a bus Fan 12 from Shiqiao bus station to the garden.
The bus Fan12 returns from 6:35 to 22:15.
Answered by Ellen from USA | Jan. 22, 2018 05:07


That makes me a little sad. I may go to the GZ Bus Coach station and see if the 45 minute bus still exists. Hopefully, I'll be able to communicate with the Coach station people since I only can use English.
Asked by reza from IRAN | Jul. 19, 2017 20:08Reply
Let me know the cheapest way to go to Baomo Garden from Nanyang kings gate hotel (Xinghua Rd).
Thank you for your kind attention.
Answers (1)
Answered by Liela from FINLAND | Jul. 20, 2017 01:48

Well, you are suggested to take metro line 6 at Tianpingjia, which is about 200 yards east to your hotel. Then transfer to line 3 at Tianhe Coach Terminal and get off at Shiqiao from Exit B, after that, walk another 200 yards south to West Gate of Baiyue Square, from where take bus Pan 67 and get off at the Garden General Bus Station. It takes you CNY 9 and about 2 hours.
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