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How many Terracotta Warriors are there in China?

So far, nearly 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors and horses have been found in the three pits of the Terracotta Army, including more than 6,000 in Pit 1, over 1,300 in Pit 2, and 68 in Pit 3. They are divided into cavalry, infantry, archers, and chariot warriors and arranged orderly to form a battle formation. Besides, in the accessory pits of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, the Terracotta figures of 8 civil officials, 4 warriors and about 50 acrobats have been discovered.
How many Terracotta Warriors are there in China
How many Terracotta Warriors are there in China

How many terracotta soldiers are there in Pit 1 - More than 6,000

As the largest among all three pits of Terracotta Warriors, Pit 1 is 230 meters (252 yards) long from east to west, and 62 meters (68 yards) wide from south to north, covering an area of 14,260 square meters (3.5 acres). In it, more than 6,000 terracotta warriors and horses have been discovered. Among them, over 1,000 have been unearthed. They are all life-size, representing the main force the invincible army of the Qin Dynasty (221 - 207 BC). In the front of the pit, which is the east side, are three rows of infantry, each containing 68 soldiers. They form the vanguard of the army. Behind them stand the main body of the battle formation, which composes 38 columns of chariots, infantry, and cavalry. Both the south and north sides are protected by a line of flank consisting of 180 warriors. At the west side stand the rear guards.

How many terracotta warriors are there in Pit 2 - More than 1,300

Pit 2 measures 124 meters (136 yards) long and 98 meters (107 yards) wide, with a total area of about 6,000 square meters (1.5 acres). There are over 1,300 Terracotta Warriors and horses inside. Though the size is smaller compared with Pit 1, it houses the most complete range of Terracotta Warriors, including cavalry, infantry, archers, and chariot soldiers. The archers, including 172 standing archers and 160 knelling archers, are at the front of the whole battle formation in the east side. At the south side of the pit is the chariot array made up of 64 chariots. On each chariot, there are three warriors. In the middle of the battle formation is a mixed array composed by 19 chariots, 264 infantrymen, and eight groups of cavalrymen. The cavalry array is arranged at the north side of the battle formation into 11 lines, consisting of 6 chariots, 108 terracotta horses, and 108 cavalrymen. Up till now, only a small part of the archer military array in Pit 2 has been excavated. 

How many terracotta warriors are there in Pit 3 - 68

Pit 3 covers an area of 520 square meters (622 square yards), about one twenty-seventh of the area of Pit 1. Up to now, one chariot, four terracotta horses, and 68 Terracotta Warriors have been unearthed there. Though it is small, Pit 3 plays an important role in the army. According to some analyses by experts, this might be the commanding center for the whole Terracotta Army.

Aside from the three pits of the Terracotta Army, you can find some special terracotta figures in the accessory pits of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum.

Pit K0006 – Housing 8 Civil Official Figures

In this pit, there are altogether 8 civil official figures and 4 chariots warriors. All the civil officials wear a red scarf, long gown, and long boots with square and upturned heads. They look similar to ordinary terracotta soldiers in terms of clothing, but you can tell their identification as government officials from their headwear.

Pit K9901 – Housing about 50 Acrobatics Figures

In 1999, 11 acrobatics figures were unearthed from this pit. Most of them were topless, showing strong muscle. Then in 2011, over 30 terracotta warriors were excavated in this pit. The restored figures, wearing short skirts, present amusing poses and expressions. Among them, there is a giant which is 2.2 meters (7.2 feet) tall without head. Its feet are as long as 32 centimeters (35 yards). Judging from these clues, they should be figures of imperial entertainers.

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