Best Mount Huashan Trails for Climbing at Night

The classic Mount Huashan hiking trail for climbing at night is Jade Spring Temple - North Peak - East Peak. There are lights on this Huashan trail, and the staff are on guard at some dangerous forks, which are very safe guarantees for night climbing. It takes about 6 hours, so it’s highly recommended that you start hiking this Mount Huashan trail at 10:00 - 11:00 PM the night before so that you can arrive at the East Peak before dawn to watch the sunrise. After that, you can hike to the West Peak and go down the mountain by cable car. If you have good physical strength, you can continue to visit the South Peak, and then walk to the West Peak and take the cable car to the mountain foot.

Trail 1: Jade Spring Temple - North Peak - East Peak - West Peak Cableway - Mountain Foot

This Mount Huashan hiking trail is for those with regular physical strength.

Jade Spring Temple at the mountain foot is the starting point. The viewing platform of East Peak with a height of 6,857 feet is usually the destination for tourists to climb Huashan trail at night, which is the best location for catching sunrise. You will pass by North Peak at the height of 5,295 feet on the way, where you can take a good rest to replenish your strength. When you reach North Peak successfully, it means that you have completed more than half of the Mount Huashan hiking trail. And it usually takes another 1.5 hours from the North Peak to reach your climbing destination - Sun-watching Platform at East Peak. Then you can rest and wait for the beautiful sunrise view.

There are some other famous attractions on the East Peak besides watching the sunrise, such as Chess Pavilion and Hawk’s Turn (Yaozi Fanshen). Hawk’s Turn, one of the famous dangerous Mount Huashan trails, is very popular among adventurers. You can spend CNY 30 to challenge it if you like. And then, you can go straight to the West Peak Cableway to take a cable car to go down the mountain.

Trail 2: Jade Spring Temple - North Peak - East Peak - South Peak - West Peak Cableway - Mountain Foot

This Huashan trail is for those with relatively good physical strength.

Finishing viewing sunrise at the East Peak, you can spend around 1 hour in heading for the South Peak, which is the highest peak on Mt. Huashan with the height of 7,087 feet. If the weather is clear enough, you can have the stunning panoramic views of surrounding landscapes including surging Yellow River, deep gorges and winding mountains standing on the summit of the South Peak. In addition, the challenging Huashan Plank Walk in the sky cannot be missed if you are brave enough. It’s on the east side of the South Peak.

It takes about 30 minutes to keep going to the West Peak (6,845 feet) from the South Peak, where you can visit a Taoist temple and then take a cable car to reach the foot of Mt. Huashan.

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