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Far from the ocean, Huashan weather features a temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons: mild spring and autumn, not very hot summer but cold winter. As the Huashan Mountain is tall, the temperature drops by around 0.5 ℃ (32.9 ℉) with every elevation of 100 meters (328 feet).

In the low mountain area less than 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) above sea level, the average annual temperature of Huashan ranges from 9 - 14 ℃ (48.2 - 57.2℉); the average temperature in the hottest month - July is 24 - 28 ℃ (75.2  - 82.4 ℉). The annual precipitation is 600 mm.

In the high mountain area above 1,000 meters above sea level, the average annual temperature is less than 8 ℃ (46.4 ℉); the average temperature in the coldest month - January is about - 2.5 ℃ (27.5 ℉), and the average temperature in hottest month - July is around 24 ℃ (75.2 ℉). The annual precipitation is 800 - 900 mm.

Best Time to Visit Huashan

The period from April to October is the best time for visiting Huashan Mountain, when the Huashan weather is quite pleasant and cool. But you should note that from October 1st to 7th is the Chinese National Day Holiday, which is the busiest period full of tourists, so you’d better avoid it. Also if possible please avoid May Day and Dragon Boat Festival which are given 3-day holidays.

It is highly suggested to choose a sunny day to climb Huashan Mountain. In rainy days, Huashan Scenic Area has wet and slippery roads and low visibility, which create a high risk. And you cannot see the sunrise on rainy days. In addition, please avoid strong windy weather when the cable cars are closed.

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Huashan Weather - Seasons & Travel Advice

Mount Huashan has beautiful scenery all year round, and the beauty will be distinctive at different seasons.

Spring (Mar - May)

The temperature of Mount Huashan rebounds slightly in March, but is still chilly especially at the peak at night. Then the weather gets warmer in April and May. The temperature in Spring usually ranges from -8 to 22℃ (18 - 72 ℉). In spring, the fog is thinner and the flowers are blooming, which shows tourists the vitality.

What to Wear: sweater, down-filled coat, hiking shoes and gloves

Summer (Jun - Aug)

Summer on Mount Huashan is not very hot. In general, the temperature of the Huashan Mountain in this period varies from 13 to 27 ℃ (55 - 80 ℉). Actually, it is a great destination for a summer trip. It would be even a little cold at the higher peaks, especially at night. However, it should be noted that the ultraviolet might hurt your skin, so the sunscreen cream and a sun hat are necessary during the daytime. Besides, a disposable raincoat is highly recommended for rains occur more often in summer.

What to Wear: T-shirt or long sleeves T-shirt or, thin jacket, light overcoat, sneakers and gloves

Autumn (Sept - Nov)

Huashan weather in autumn is mild with the temperature at -5 - 20 ℃ (23 - 68 ℉). Hiking Mount Huashan in autumn, you will find that the whole mountains are dyed yellow and maple red, which is a gorgeous view that must be captured by camera.

What to Wear: thin sweater, down jacket, thick overcoat, climbing shoes

Winter (Dec - Feb)

The winter of Mount Huashan is very cold and usually there is snowfall, so you can enjoy a spectacular snow landscape no less than the beauty in other seasons. Winter turns the Huashan Scenic Area into a wonderland covered with ice and fog, full of silver branches and white stones. Beside, you will have a greater probability of seeing the sea of clouds in winter when the temperature is about -20 - 4 ℃ (-4 - 39 ℉).

What to Wear: sweater, cotton-padded clothes, anti-skidding snow boots and waterproof gloves

Huashan Mountain is famous for its narrow and steep stairs. Most of the time, tourists need hand help while climbing the trials. In addition, the Huashan weather is changeable, so it’s always wise to check the Huashan weather forecast the day before departure.

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Asked by Travis from USA | Aug. 08, 2023 22:50Reply
plank trail in the winter
Is the Mt. Huashan plank trail open in December?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alex | Aug. 09, 2023 01:31

I'm afraid no. It usually opens till October, for it is slippery and more dangerous in winter.
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