Canton Fair - China Import and Export Fair

124th Canton Fair -

2018 Autumn Fair: Oct. 15 – Nov. 04
China Import and Export Fair
China Import and Export Fair

China Import and Export Fair (CIEF), also known as the Canton Fair, was originated in the spring of 1957 and held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. During the history of 123 sessions, it has borne the record among the international comprehensive trade fairs, with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most attendances, the most complete varieties of goods and the highest business turnover.

The Canton Fair is composed of 48 trading delegations, including thousands of foreign trade companies, factories, scientific research institutions, foreign invested enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, all of which are of good credibility and strong financial capability.

Elites of business people visit Guangzhou to trade and communicate in various ways and provide a great deal of chances of commerce. In spite of the traditional negotiation against samples, the fair adds online way of trade. Based on export trade, it also deals with the import trade, economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, as well as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consultation, etc.

Covering an exhibition area of 118 hectares (1.18 million square meters), the 123rd session of CIEF in 2018 spring offered 60,475 stands, which attracted 25, 171 enterprises at home and abroad . The export turnover of about 30.16 billion USD surely would make great contribution to the development of foreign trade of China. The coming 124th Canton Fair in the autumn of 2018 is expected to be more promising and magnificent.

124th Fair Phase Phase I: Oct. 15th ~19th, 2018; Phase II: Oct. 23rd ~27th, 2018; Phase III: Oct. 31st ~ Nov. 4th, 2018
Venue China Import & Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex
(No. 380, Middle Yuejiang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)
Functional Offices Secretary Office, Business Office, Foreign Affairs Office, Political Work Office, Security Office, Press Center, Sanitation Office, Certificate Service Center, Customer Service Center
Administration Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C.,
Guangdong Provincial Government,
China Foreign Trade Center,
I/E Chamber of Commerce,
Trading Delegations
Contact Information Inquiry: Foreign Liaison Department, China Foreign Trade Center
Add: No. 382, Middle Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou 510335, China
Tel: Chinese Mainland: 4000 888 999; Outside the Chinese Mainland: 86 20 28 888 999

Visa Application

Take the official invitation issued by the CIEF (China Import and Export Fair) to the Embassy or Consulate General of China to apply the visa to Guangzhou.
 See Canton Fair Visa Application

Canton Fair Invitation

If you hold an Invitation Card, you could apply for a visa to China, and get registered and free entry badge to the Fair. There are two kinds of Invitation Card for visitors. One is called E-invitation Card and the other is Paper Invitation Card. The invitation card can be applied before March 30th (Spring Fair) and before September 30th (Autumn Fair).

 Paper Invitation Card: This type of invitation card is a precondition for the Canton Fair visitors applying for visa to China. One card can be shared by three representatives from the same company. A copied one is invalid. It is sent in the way of mailing.
 E-invitation Card: Another type of official invitation extended by the Fair. A copied one is valid and can be shared by a group of representatives from the same company. It is sent by email.

To better serve overseas buyers, and provide easy pass for their Chinese visa application, necessary information including Buyer's Name, Nationality, Company Name & address will be requested to list on the invitation, please be kindly noted.Overseas buyers could apply for invitation card through the following ways:

 Applying an E-Invitation Card: Trough BEST (Buyer E-Service Tool)
Old Buyer:
New Buyer:
 Applying Paper Invitation Card with the following organizations:
1. International Liaison Department, China Foreign Trade Center
   Add: No. 382, Middle Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou 510335, China
   Tel: 4000-888-999(Mainland China) 86-20-28-888-999(Outside Mainland China)
   Fax: 86-20-28-395-166
2. The Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office of the Embassy (Consulate) of China in your region
3. Canton Fair Hong Kong Customer Service Center
4. Chinese foreign trade corporations (enterprises) with whom you are business-related
5. Overseas organizations cooperating with China Foreign Trade Center

Registration and Entry to Canton Fair

Registration should be done in person before the Fair starts. All the participants should take their Buyer Cards to register at the Fair Hall or some appointed hotels in the city, and follow certain rules to enter the exhibition hall.
 See Canton Fair Registration

Product Catalogue of 124th Fair

Phase I: Oct. 15th ~19th, 2018 Phase II: Oct. 23rd ~27th, 2018 Phase III: Oct. 31st ~ Nov. 4th, 2018
 Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
 Lighting Equipment
 Vehicles & Spare Parts
 Hardware & Tools
 Energy + Resources
 Building Materials
 Chemical Products
 International Pavilion
 Consumer Goods
 Home Decorations
Textiles & Garments
Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products
 Medical Devices and Health Products
International Pavilion (Foodstuffs & Agricultural Products; Medical, Health and Beauty Care Products;Gifts and Decorations)

Transport to Guangzhou

International flights should be the most convenient way. If there is no direct flight from your region, you can choose to fly to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong first. Beijing and Shanghai offer half-hour flights to Guangzhou. If Hong Kong is your entry city, you can easily get to Guangzhou by air, train, or bus.
 Guangzhou Transportation
 From Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou (and other cities in Pearl River Delta Area) 

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