Shunyi Travel Guide

Brief Intro: Shunyi District is Beijing's important green food production base and agricultural science demonstration area.
Location: Northeast of Beijing, west to Pinggu District, south to Huairou District and Miyun County, east to Changping and Chaoyang District, north to Tongzhou District and Sanhe City in Hebei Province.
Geography: consisting mainly of plains
Area: 1,016 sq km (392 sq mi)
Population: 562,586
Administrative Division: 3 Municipal Streets (Shengli, Guangming, Shiyuan), 7 Municipal Areas (Renhe, Houshayu, Tianzhu, Yangzhen, Niulanshan, Nanfaxin, Mapo), 12 Towns (Gaoliying, Liqiao, Lisui, Nancai, Beiwu, Dasungezhuang, Zhangzhen, Longwantun, Mulin, Beixiaoying, Beishicao, Zhaoquanying)
Postal Code: 101300
Dialing Code: 010
Local Highlights: agricultural sightseeing and holiday resort
Local Products: crabs and famous fruits including ‘Xinshuanghe’ cherry, ‘Jiujianpeng’pear and ‘Koutoufu’ grape


Agricultural Sightseeing Sites & Towns: Shunyi High Technology Agricultural Pilot Zone, Liqiao Town, Beiwu Town, Beishicao Town
Folk Culture Tourism Villages: Jiaozhuanghu Village, Yudi Village, Huangmuchang Village, Beilangzhong Village
Holiday Resorts: Water Park, Shunxin Holiday Resort, Yishengyuan International Congress Center, Dazhong Golf Club, Country Golf Club, Mapo Fishing Palace, Qiaobo Indoor Skiing Resort, Lianhuashan Ski Resort
Scenic Spots: Chaobai River, Jingdong Reed Sea, Hanshiqiao Marsh Park, Mt. Tangzhi Scenic Area
Historical Sites: Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site Museum, Yuansheng Palace, the Ancient City Sites of the Qin Dynasty (221 - 207 BC) and the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD)

Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site Museum, about 60 km (about 37.3 mi) from downtown Beijing, was originally constructed in 1964. To date, the museum has covered about 47,700 square meters (about 57,048.7 sq yd) after expansion. Three exhibition zones are open in the museum: Exhibition Hall Zone, Tunnel Zone and Local People’s House Zone. What’s more, other service items, such as the food and accommodation during the warfare period, vegetables and fruit picking and others, are provided. Tourists here can also find lounge, tramps, grinding base, water vat, sty and many other things which were used in the tunnel warfare period.

Qiaobo Indoor Skiing Marsh is the only indoor skiing place for four seasons in northern China. Covering about 40,000 square meters (about 47,839.6 sq yd), the skiing marsh has four types of facilities, including children entertainment ice and snow gardens, a snowboarding zone, primary skiing track and secondary and high-level skiing track. Here tourists could enjoy themselves by skiing even in summer.

Hanshiqiao Marsh Park lies in Yangzhen, Shunyi Dustrict. It is the only original natural marsh in Beijing. Only 35 km (about 21.7 mi) from the city center of Beijing and about 20 km (about 12.4 mi) from Beijing Capital Airport, this marsh park is covered with a large scale of reed. There are many species of wild animals, including 19 species of national protective rare animals, showing a harmonious environment between nature and humans. Furthermore, the present Hanshiqiao Marsh Park has good entertainment with its amusement items, local dining and comfortable accommodations.    

Annual Local Tourism Festivals

Shunyi Chinese Scholartree Flower Festival: May 10th - May 25th
Shunyi Yanhe Melon Picking Festival: April 28th - May 28th
Beiwu Melon and Vegetable Picking Festival: May 1st - May 25th; September 22nd - October 22nd


Transportation network in this district has been modernized to an international level. China’s largest airport ‘Beijing Capital International Airport’ (PEK), together with national highways, railways and ring roads, make traveling much easier. Xidan Mall supplies a wide range of daily necessities. In addition, the rowing and canoe/kayak competitions of the Beijing 2008 Olympics were held in the newly built Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park in Mapo Village.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Information: 010-69464700
Tourist Complaints: 010-69429968
Ticket Center: 010-69428833
Law Help: 010-69424004
Consumer Complaints: 010-69442440

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Questions & Answers on Shunyi District of Beijing
Asked by lau from CANADA | Mar. 15, 2018 17:21Reply
how do i get to jiaozhuanghu tunnel warfare site museum from downtown beijing? thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Joe from FINLAND | Mar. 15, 2018 21:51

Well, you can take subway line 2 from Qianmen to Chongwenmen and change to line 5, then, change to line 15 at Datunlu East. Get off at Fengbo and take bus Shun 31 to Jiaozhuanghu Xi, you will see the museum.
Asked by Peggy from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 01, 2014 21:42Reply
Rowing at Shunyi Olympic Rowing course in Beijing
I am interested in rowing on the Olympic Rowing course.
Can you provide me with contact details?
Can I take a train from Beijing?
How long will it take?
Answers (3)
Answered by Linda from CANADA | Sep. 03, 2014 21:12

Here is the contact: 86 010 89482008

It canot be reached by train. Anyway, here is a way to get there for your reference: take local subway line 15 and get off at Shunyi station. Then transfer to bus no. 989 or 850 to the terminal at Mapo. After that, there are shuttle buses to ur destination. But I am not clear about the duration.
Answered by Peggy from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 04, 2014 02:19

Thank you Linda.
Do you know if it is possible to rent or borrow a rowing boat or join other rowers in a crew?
Answered by Linda | Sep. 04, 2014 21:15

Hi, u can rent a boat there to have fun on your own or with other travelers. But I'm afraid it may be hard to join a professional crew. For this issue, you can consult them in advance to know more.
Asked by Terry Fearn from ENGLAND | Jan. 26, 2013 04:31Reply
Things to do in Shunyi
Hello, We are staying overnight in Shunyi. We have a flight the following day at 1pm but would like to spend a few hours sight seeing in the morning. Is it feasible to reach the centre of Beijing (and back) in a few hours? Also, how far is the nearest stretch of the Great Wall. Are there any other sights we should consider?
Thanks in advance
Terry Fearn
Answers (3)
Answered by Miller | Jan. 27, 2013 00:16

I think the time is limited.
For international airline, you should go to the airport two hours before the plane take off.
Mutianyu Great Wall is close to you, but it is about 65 kilometers from the airport area and it may take about an hour and 30 minutes to arrive there.
To be honest, there are few attractions in Shunyi area and there are only local famous golf clubs in that area. If you like, you can have a try. Usually for me, I just stay in the airport for a few hours to wait for the next plane. The condition in the airport is nice and I can also do shopping in the airport.
Answered by Eric from FRANCE | Jan. 22, 2016 02:08


I would be in the same situation as Terry and I actually just wonder whether there is any shopping mall nearby the airport that i can go to in the morning before my 1PM flight.
I have seen for example Euro Plaza or i have also seen something like ShouShangBuXingjie.
Does anyone have any advices?
Thanks in advance,
Answered by Richard from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 22, 2016 21:46

As I know, there is no big shopping mall inside or nearby the airport. But there are many duty-free shops inside the terminal building. You can do some shopping there. Besides, several nice bookstores and cafes are also good choices to kill time. :)
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