Yanqing Travel Guide

Brief Intro: Yanqing County is the summer escape resort and the agricultural base of Beijing. In addition, five venues of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be constructed here.
Location: northwest of Beijing, 74 km (46 mi) from the urban city, neighboring Huairou, Changping districts and Huailai, Chicheng counties in Hebei Province
Geography: a small basin with mountains in the north, south and east and Guanting Reservoir in the west
Area: 2,000 sq km (772 sq mi)
Population: 276,000
Administrative Division: 11 Towns (Yanqing, Kangzhuang, Badaling, Yongning, Jiuxian, Zhangshanying, Sihai, Qianjiadian, Shenjiaying, Dayushu, Jingzhuang); 4 Municipal Shires (Dazhuangke, Liubinbu, Xiangying, Zhenzhuquan)
Postal Code: 102100
Dialing Code: 010
Local Highlights: the Great Wall culture; ecological and rural tours
Local Products: apples and grapes


Great Wall at Badaling
Badaling Great Wall

Cultural and Historical Sites: Badaling Great Wall, Guyaju Caves (Ancient Cliff Dwellings)

Scenic Spots: Longqing Gorge, Kangxi Grassland, Tianmo Desert, Badaling National Forest Park, Badaling Wildlife World, Mt. Songshan, Mt. Yudu, Mt. Lianhua, Wild Duck Lake, Petrified Wood National Geologic Park

Amusement: Badaling Ski Resort, Shijinglong Ski Resort, Gui River Cruise
Rural Tour: Shangmo Folk Custom Village, Lipaohong Apple Orchard

Located in the northeastern Yanqing County, Longqing Gorge is 85 km (about 52.8 mi) from the downtown of Beijing. It was originally named Gucheng Jiuqu, which means the zigzag water flowing around or within the city. There are many scenic spots in Longqing Gorge, including Cockscomb Mountain, also called “Peak with Unique Beauty and Phoenix Coronet Isle”, which has a shape resembling a crowing rooster and is considered as a symbolizing landscape. The highest peak of the Longqing Gorge is the Immortals’ Temple. The temple is divided into two yards, the Jade Emperor Pavilion and the Immortals’ Teahouse. The Cave of Hundred Flowers covers 3,000 square meters (about 3,588 sq yd) and contains all kinds of synthetic flowers, trees and other plants as well as many animals, which add even more vitality to the elegant landscape. Apart from the beautiful scenic spots, you can also enjoy some extreme sports, such as ziplining (Feijiang), bungee jumping and others. Another activity staged here is Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival. Each winter, from the middle of January to the end of February, various ice sculptures and ice lanterns attract a large number of local and foreign tourists.

Petrified Wood National Geologic Park lies at the banks of Bai River, Yanqing County. Covering about 226 square kilometers (about 87 sq mi), the park has about 780 species of plants and 180 species of vertebrates. The geologic park is characterized by its Jurassic petrified wood of 0.14-0.18 billion years. The park is divided into five scenic areas: Fossil Wood Area, Dropping-Water Pot Scenic Area (Dishuihu Scenic Area), Wulong Gorge, Yanshan Heavenly Pool and Yunlong Mountain, which includes 25 scenic spots.

Badaling Wildlife World is located at the foot of the well-known Badaling Great Wall. Covering an area of over 1.54 sq mi, this zoo has nearly 10,000 wild animals, including African lions, white tigers, Siberian tigers, brown bears, sun bears and kangaroos. The park has five functional zones: animal visiting zone, mountain forest sightseeing zone, environmental reserve zone and entertainment zone. Here, tourists can not only watch the wild animals, but sometimes, may even have their pictures taken with the animals. 

Annual Festivals

Yanqing Apricot Blossom Festival: April 1st - middle May
Planting Festival: later March - later May
Mountain Climbing Festival: April 1st - later May
Summer Escape Festival: June 18th - September 18th
Golden Spring Picking Festival: September - November
Ice & Snow Tourism Festival: January 1st - later February


Despite a small county, Yanqing has well-developed transportation and communication facilities. Railways, national highways and countryside highways form an intensive road network. Traveling from Beijing to Yanqing, takes less than one hour. Yanqing County is the transition center of the whole area, from where tourists can change or charter buses to other tourism hotspots. Hotels ranging from two-star to four-star provide comfortable accommodation for visitors. For dining, genuine rural dishes made of potherbs and wild game are a must.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Consultation: 010-81191011
Tourist Complaint: 010-81191168
Consumer Complaint: 010-69141559
Ambulance: 010-69101443
Folk Custom Tour Consultation: 010-81196883

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Questions & Answers on Yanqing County of Beijing
Asked by Tarun Mehta from SINGAPORE | May. 02, 2019 17:50Reply
Name of a 5 star hotel close to the Beijing horticultural expo site?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma from NETHERLANDS | May. 06, 2019 02:52

The newly open hotel, Hyatt Regency Shiyuan, is located in Building 1, Yard 1, Fukang South Road, Yanqing District. It is very close to the Expo.
Asked by Wendy Ting from SINGAPORE | Apr. 30, 2019 23:57Reply
Can you kindly suggest a hotel, preferably within walking distance to the Beijing Expo 2019?
We are visiting BJ just to visit the expo (5 days) - May 14th to May 18th.

Thank you in advance,
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy from USA | May. 05, 2019 02:36

Hyatt Regency Shiyuan is across the Gate 2 of the Expo and it is a newly open hotel.
Asked by Mergia Bekele from ETHIOPIA | Apr. 29, 2019 04:23Reply
I am in Best western OL stadium hotel (Datun road) Beishatan.
I want to go to the international horticulture exhibition Yanqing district. I based in Western OL stadium hotel Datun Road Beishatan.
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from CANADA | Apr. 29, 2019 20:43

Walk northwest about 400m to take Bus Line 345 to Madianqiao South and then transfer to Bus Line 919 to there.
Asked by Mooi from SINGAPORE | Apr. 16, 2019 06:52Reply
Beijing expo 2019 intl horticulture expo
1. Where in Yanqing is the expo 2019 intl horticulture to be held from 29th April onwards ?
2. How do we get there from BJ?
3. If with bus 919, how many stops away from the Deshengmen station?
Thank you.
Answers (5)
Answered by Riley from FRANCE | Apr. 21, 2019 20:26

1. The place is nearby Yankang Road in Yanqing District.
2. Which is your starting place? Would you mind provide a location? Then I can find the detailed transportation for you.
Answered by Mooi from MALAYSIA | Apr. 22, 2019 01:47

Dear Riley,
Thank you for your info on Expo 2019 Intl Horticulture. It will be especially helpful to many.
1). We intend to start from DeShengMen.
2). Is it possible to have " Yankang road" in its Chinese character - for ease of get directions from the locals.
Thank you once again
Answered by Riley | Apr. 22, 2019 19:45

From Deshengmen, take metro line 2 to Xizhimen Station, Exit A2. Then walk north around 350 meters to get to North Railway Station. Take train S2 to Yanqing Railway Station. Then take bus no.Y10 (Inner Ring) to Gate No.5. After arriving, walk to the scenic area directly.
Answered by Adam from SINGAPORE | Apr. 26, 2019 16:38

Hi Riley,
Is the Beijing North Railway station now reopened?
Thank you
Answered by Riley | Apr. 27, 2019 18:35

Sorry, it doesn't open now and you can take S2 train from Huangtudian Station.
Asked by You Xing from BANGLADESH | Feb. 04, 2018 08:04Reply
Want the location of "Ice & Snow Tourism Festival"
I want to visit "Ice & Snow Tourism Festival", can you please give me the detailed address/location of that festival area?
Answers (1)
Answered by Phill from ITALY | Feb. 04, 2018 19:59

It’s being held in Longqing Gorge, which is in Gucheng Village, Yanqing District.
Btw, you can take bus 919 express from Deshengmen and then transfer to bus y40 at Shiheying. Get off at Longqingxia Lukou.
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