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Chinese Name: 商丘市 (shāng qiū shì)
Population: 8,310,000
Area: 10,704 square kilometers (4,133 square miles)
Nationalities: Han

Location: The city is situated in the eastern region of Henan Province. It touches the borders of neighboring Kaifeng in the west, Zhoukou in the south, Shandong Province in the north and Anhui Province in the east.

Administrative Division: 2 districts (Liangyuan, Suiyang); 6 counties (Yucheng, Minquan, Ningling, Suixian, Xiayi, Zhecheng); 1 county-level city (Yongcheng)
Seat of the City Government: Central section of Shenhuo Lu, Liangyuan District

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints:0370-3289679
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Bank of China: No. 101, Shenhuo Lu, Liangyuan District
China Post: Qingyun Jie, Liangyuan District

Shangqiu Attractions - Things to Do

 Old Town of Shangqiu is a well preserved town in the southwest section of the city proper. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the brick construction retains great historic and cultural relics, especially in the traditional residential houses and courtyards characteristic of the period.

 Ebo Tai: a platform which is known as the earliest observatory in China.

 Baiyun Temple: As one of the four holy temples in Central China, Baiyun Temple was first built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in what is now known as Minquan County, 20 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of the county seat.

Other Scenic Spots: Mangdang Mountain Cultural Relics Tourism Area, Diku Mausoleum.

How to get to Shangqiu

1. Shangqiu has been a vital transportation hub for both railways and highways in China. The Eurasian Continental Bridge, spanning from Lianyungang in East China to Rotterdam of Holland, intersects the longest railway artery of China, Beijing-Kowloon Railway in Shangqiu. The Shangqiu-Hangzhou Railway runs through the city as well. The city is the junction of the national highway which runs from Beijing to Zhuhai and that which runs from Lianyungang to Horgas Port of Ili. Although there is not an airport in this city, the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, which is over 200 kilometers (124 miles) away, may be may be conveniently reached by the expressway.

2. Shangqiu Central Bus Station is located in Liangyuan District, just opposite the railway station on Zhanqian Lu.


Shangqiu enjoys a warm temperate climate, featuring warm and windy springs, torrid and rainy summers, refreshing autumns and chilly winters. It has ample sunshine and moderate rainfall. The annual average temperature is 14°C (57.2°F).

 When to Go: Spring and autumn.

Shangqiu Travel Tips

 History: Shangqiu played an important role in the history of the Chinese nation. It is reportedly the place in China where the first fire was lit by a human. After the first emperor of the Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th century BC) defeated Xia (21st - 16th century BC), he chose this place as the capital. It was authorized as the assistant capital by the first emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) for he grew up in this old city.

 Physical Features: The city has always been an important farming area with convenient irrigation supplied by the Yellow River. The land is basically flat, sloping downward from the northwest to the southeast, with a spattering of dunes, bottomland troughs and some low-lying areas.

 Special Local Products: Apples, grape, persimmons, honey peaches, sheep skin, handmade embroidery.

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Questions & Answers on Shangqiu Travel
Asked by richard lowe from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 29, 2018 04:26Reply
Can I travel by train from Shangqiu to Xinzheng airport? Or maybe train + subway?
Answers (2)
Answered by Kelvin from CANADA | Aug. 29, 2018 21:01

Yes, you can take a high speed train from Shangqiu railway station to Zhengzhou East Station. The train depart from 7:13 to 20:50 and the journey time is about 1 hour. Then you can take a shuttle bus from the railway station to the airport.
Answered by richard from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 31, 2018 00:41

Great - thanks Kevin!
Asked by Daniel from INDONESIA | Nov. 13, 2016 23:04Reply
How to go to Shangqiu from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from NEW | Nov. 15, 2016 00:04

You may fly to Shanghai Pudong Airport from Kuala Lumpur (about 5.5 hours). Upon arrival, take metro line 2 from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Railway Station (about 1.5 hours). Then, take a bulet train to SQ (about 4 hours). ;)
Asked by typsy gypsy from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 17, 2015 17:04Reply
What is the Shangqiu University like ? Is it located near the city ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ruby from FRANCE | Oct. 17, 2015 21:44

It is a famous university in the city. There are 10 schools and 44 majors. It was established in 2002. The university is about 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the city proper. :)
Asked by CLAUDIUS_GLORIUS | Sep. 22, 2015 11:19Reply
Is there a bus service from Zhengzhou Airport to Shangqiu?
If yes, where can I get the schedule and where is the bus stop at the airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by May from USA | Sep. 22, 2015 21:33

Yes, in the airport, there are direct buses going to SQ. The bus is scheduled at 10:10, 11:20, 12:20, 13:40, 15:10, 16:10, 17:20, 18:20, 20:00, 21:20 and 22:40. The bus fare is CNY80.
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