Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show

Acrobatic show The Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show is one of the best acrobatic shows in Shanghai. Currently it is presented in both the Shanghai Center Theatre (Shangcheng Acrobatic Show Center) and the Yunfeng Theatre. The Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show is a typical acrobatic performance using traditional folk art to tell historical tales of Shanghai.

This Shanghai acrobatic show is performed by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. They have performed for many foreigners from all over the world, and earned a good reputation and popularity with travelers. Watching a Chinese Acrobatics performance, strongly impacts you both mentally and physically. You will truly have an unforgettable experience.

Program Guide

The Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show, aka Spiral, consists of three main parts: Autumn Day, Moon Shadow and Rosy Clouds. It includes 15 performances in total: Shake the Thick Stick, Play Diabolo, Chair Balancing, One-handed Handstand, Rolling Circle Dancing, Jumping Through Hoops, Nose Balancing, Plate Spinning, Modeling Soft Body, Rolling Flowerpots, Silk Rope Hanging, Martial Show, Pagoda of Bowls, Large Springboard, and Dancing on a Fishing a Net.

Below are the three highlights of the show:

In contortionism performance - Rolling Circle Dancing of Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show, the performer moves his doubled-over body into and out of a narrow hoop and a tight barrel.

carrying umbrella on the footThe "unique bowl flip" - Pagoda of Bowls, demands the mastery of several skills all at the same time: riding a unicycle with one foot, balancing an ever-taller, increasingly-wobbly stack of bowls on his/her head, kicking and catching on his/her head several bowls at one time. Each successive flip is done with a greater number of bowls, and the bowls already caught are stacked high upon her head. As the stack of bowls on her head grows taller (and thus less stable), the performer must exercise great care to keep them from falling. At a certain point, the performer must catch the flipped bowls blind, since she/he cannot look up without dropping those already perched on his/her head.

Among the scenes in the Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show, Large Springboard, also called the man-made ladder, is famous and popular. It received three golden awards in the acrobatic competitions. The review of this Shanghai acrobatic show is great!


Shanghai Center Theatre (Shangcheng Acrobatic Show Center)
Address: 4F, No. 1376, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District
Take metro line 2 / metro line 7 to Jing’an Temple and leave from Exit 4, and then walk northeast for 5mins to get there.
Take bus 20/ 24/ 37/ 304/ 330 to West Nanjing Road North Shaanxi Road, and then walk southwest for 2 minutes to the theatre.

Yunfeng Theatre

Flexility showAddress: No. 1700, West Beijing Road, Jing’an District
Take metro line 2 / line 7 to Jing’an Temple and then walk north for 10mins to get there.
Take bus 40/ 93/ 113/ 136/ 328/ 830 to Xinzha Road Yanping Road, and then walk south for 2 minutes, you will see it.


Performance starting time: 19:30
Duration: 90 minutes

Ticket Fare

CNY380, 280, 180


Acrobatic Shows at Shanghai Circus World

Located at No. 2266, Gonghexin Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai Circus World offers two famous acrobatics shows that also win high popularity.

Features: Containing three parts - Past, Present and Future of China
Hours: 19:30
Ticket Fare (CNY): 280, 380, 480, 580, 680

 ERA-Intersection of Time Show Tickets Booking

Feature: Human-Animal Interaction
Hours: 10:00, 14:00
Ticket Fare (CNY): 160, 130

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show
Asked by Joshua Graham from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 01, 2024 08:53Reply
Acrobat show hasn't been running at Shanghai Theatre for many years?
Is the "Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show" still running this theatre? I asked the staff and they said it has not run for many years but could be translation issue.
Answers (1)
Answered by Joshua | Apr. 01, 2024 23:26

Shanghai Portman Acrobatic Show has stopped. But the acrobatic show ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai and and Happy Circus is performed in Shanghai Circus World on Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District.
Asked by dhinesh from USA | Sep. 11, 2014 19:07Reply
Where to buy tickets for the Shanghai portman acrobatic show? is there a website?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from THAILAND | Sep. 11, 2014 20:20

Yes, there are websites selling the tickets, but it doesn’t have an English version. You can ask your Chinese friends or the travel agencies to help you.
Asked by DALE from USA | Jun. 23, 2014 15:02Reply
Shanghai Portman Acrobat Show TICKETS
I want to go to the SH Portman Acrobat Show. But I wont arrive in SH until the night before. Will the show usually be sold out in September. I would like to get tickets easily without the extra fees involves. I can do it online now,but should they be available at the door??
Answers (1)
Answered by Dave from USA | Jun. 23, 2014 21:24

Usually, the tickets will be sold out before the show, so you are suggested to book in advance.
Two methods are suggested: booking at SH Centre Ticket booth at No. 1376, Nanjing Rd West or call 62798948 to book.
Asked by nancy harrington from USA | May. 10, 2014 08:08Reply
acarobatics shows in Shanghai
can you please tell me the differences in the two shows, the Portman and the Circus World?? also how is the theater layer out?? does one have to navigate stairs to get to the different levels??? do you have a map of the theater layout???
Answers (1)
Answered by Simon from USA | May. 11, 2014 02:52

There is no big difference, but two shows with different themes. In my opinion, I prefer the show in the Circus World better.

The seats when seeing the Portman Acrobatic Shows are arranged like in a theater, seats from the front to the back in rows. The seats in the Circus World are in arranged in a circle. I do not have the map of the theater layout.
Asked by Mr.JEFF01 from AFGHANISTAN | Oct. 06, 2013 21:21Reply
Acrobatic Show in Shanghai
Hi - I have been advised to see an acrobatic show in SH. I have seen one in Beijing a few years ago but it was so great that I wouldn't mind seeing something similar again. I have had the EAR Acrobatic Show recommended - is the Portman one similar. Am i able to book in advance online ? Would you know if there are discounted tickets and how much is an approximate cost ?

Thanks for your time - Jeff
Answers (1)
Answered by Allen | Oct. 07, 2013 01:54

For the EAR Show, I think you may mean the ERA- Intersection of Time, shown in the SH Circus World.
It was shown at 19:30 every day and you can book the ticket online on the official website of the Circus World, but there is no discount. The local subway line 1 can take you to reach that place.
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