Panzhihua Attractions- Things to Do

Situated in the southwest of Sichuan bordering Yunnan Province to the south, Panzhihua City is around 749km (465mi) from Chengdu and 351km (218mi) from Kunming. There are abundant tourism resources concerning Karst caves, waterfalls, hot springs and virgin forest, among which the Dragon Pond Karst Cave Scenic Area and Ertan Scenic Area should not be missed.

Top Things to Do in Panzhihua

Dragon Pond Karst Cave Scenic Area

Located at Longtangou Village of Miyi County, the Dragon Pond Karst Cave Scenic Area is 20km (12mi) from Miyi downtown and about 104km (65mi) from Panzhihua City. It stands at the foot of Longzhou Mountain and by the bank of the Anning River. Green mountains, sheer cliffs and limpid pools make this a lovely destination. The entire area consists of the Longtan water-eroded cave, Longzhou peak, Longyin gorge, a natural bonsai garden and a wild plant garden.

As the main attraction of the scenic spot, the Longtan water-eroded cave is famous for its multicolored stalactites, numerous springs and two different natural palaces located in the 1,800-meter (1,969 yards) long cave. In the Dragon Palace, most of stalactites, stalagmites, stelae, stone flowers and stone curtains are brightly-colored rather than ivory-white. Here the karst landscape is odd and steep, presenting all kinds of shapes. Many unusually-shaped springs gather in the Dragon Palace. A waterfall flows down slowly from the mouth of the cave. Other large and small waterfalls compete for the viewers’ eyes. An emerald Dragon Pond in the cave links the flying waterfalls and gushing springs. Another cave is so clean and quiet like a heavenly palace, where a pond with seven jade lotuses flows on the surface. The snow-white stalactites spread all over it. .

Boulders abound on Longzhou peak, where the lush, green grass grows like a carpet. From the peak, visitors can see an immense pine woods, a wide expanse of flat field and ribbon-like Anning River. The Longyin gorge is in excellent ecological condition with rippling streams, plunging waterfalls and luxurious vegetation. Oddly-shaped rocks and elegant trees take all kinds of shapes, making a natural bonsai garden. Cacti of many shapes covered with hanging vines run wild over an area of 40 mu (6.59 acres) in the wild plants garden.

Owing to its pleasant climate and wonderful scenery, the Dragon Pond Karst Cave is a good attraction for sightseeing, leisure and general summer enjoyment.

1. Climate: Its annual average temperature is around 17℃ (63℉), so it can be good time to travel all around the year.
2. Accommodation: It is suggested to stay in a hotel or hostel in Miyi County.

Admission Fee CNY50 for adults
CNY25 for the elderly between 60 and 69 years old with a valid proof and children between 1.1m and 1.4m in height
Free for the elderly over 70 years old (including 70 years old) with a valid proof and children below 1.1m in height
Opening Hours 08:30 – 16:00

 By bus: Take a direct bus at Panzhihua Passenger Transport Center or Long-distance Bus Station to Miyi within around 90min. Then transfer to a taxi to the scenic area.
Note: The reference bus schedule at both bus stations
Passenger Transport Center: 07:00 – 18:00 every 17-25min
Long-distance Bus Station: 06:00 – 17:00 every 40min

By train: There are direct trains in operation between Panzhihua and Miyi (No. T8870, K9472/K9469, K118, K9484 and 5634). Upon arrival at Miyi Railway Station, take a taxi or motorcycle to local Passenger Transport Center, where there are direct buses to the destination.

Ertan Scenic Area

Lying around 40km (25mi) northeast from Panzhihua City of Sichuan Province, Ertan Scenic Area is around 750km (466mi) from Chengdu City to the north and 350km (217mi) from Kunming City, Yunnan to the south. Surrounded by vast virgin forest, verdant mountains, it is a popular attraction with many features, including sightseeing, entertainment, exploration, and recuperation. In the main, it comprises the Ertan National Forest Park, Ertan Hydropower Station, Hyperbolic Arch Dam, the Exhibition Hall and European Camp.

Ertan National Forest Park is regarded as a travel pearl in the south of Sichuan Province due to its unique mountain and gorge landform as the habitat of many wild creatures. The reservoir of Ertan Hydropower Station measures 3,937 feet above sea level, 90 miles long and over 766 yards wide. It is a huge “Y”-shaped manmade lake with five islets and over ten small peninsulas within. By hiring a boat, you can fully enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and mountains. The boat can take you to as far as Yanyuan County and at the end of the trip, you will feel that its natural sights are as amazing as those around the Three Gorges Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge on the Yangtze River.

The Hyperbolic Arch Dam is the largest dam of its kind in Asia and measures 778m (2,552ft) in height. The Exhibition Hall displays a lot of pictures and materials that reflect the process of the construction of Ertan Hydropower Station and the surrounding scenery. During the construction of Ertan Hydropower Station, over 600 foreign experts from 43 countries were invited to participate in the work. The European Camp forms rows of luxurious houses or villas that served as their accommodation. After finishing the construction, the houses remained for sightseeing and vacation use. 

Admission Fee CNY10 for dam sightseeing platform
CNY10 for Exhibition Hall
CNY40 for visiting the dam and underground power plant (tourists are not allowed to go inside unless led by a tour guide)
CNY10/person for tour guiding for Euro Camp
CNY20-100 to rent a boat to view the scenery of Ertan reservoir
Opening Hours  09:00 – 18:00
Best Travel Time  All the year round, as the annual average temperature there is around 20℃ (68℉).
Transportation 1. Take train to Panzhihua Railway Station, from where visitor can take a taxi to the scenic area directly. The reference taxi fare is about CNY50.
2. Take a bus at Panzhihua Stadium or Panzhihua Garden to take a tourism bus to your destination.
Bus/Van Rental Fare for Reference  From Panzhihua downtown to Ertan Scenic Area:
CNY600 for half a day for a van with 20 seats
CNY400 for half a day for a van with 12 seats
(Note: This is the reference fare for van rental during weekdays. In weekends and holidays, it would be more expensive.)
- Last updated on May. 29, 2019 -
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