Angela Li

Angela Li in front of Xi'an Bell Tower
Angela in front of Xi'an Bell Tower
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Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to introduce myself here. This is Angela. I am outgoing and my motto is “Nothing is impossible for a willing mind.” I have worked at TravelChinaguide as a tour operator since I graduated from university in June of 2015. I’m very lucky to join in this elite team.

I would like to introduce my hometown to you. I come from Tongchuan which is a countryside located in the North of Xi'an. There are many different kinds of crops and fruits in my hometown, such as corn, wheat, apple, grape and so on.  I really love my hometown for its simple peasants, blue sky, fresh air and thick forests. I gained a lot from the past country life, not only did I form good habits, but also learnt enjoy simple things. I can absolutely relax myself in the beautiful natural scenery, and also breathe the fresh air in my hometown.

I am a cheerful girl and easy to be get along with. Singing, travelling and doing sports are my hobbies, which makes my life so colorful. When I in university, I have joined in an outdoor association, and we always organize some travel activities at weekend and invite others to join in. I have made a lot of friends and immersed myself in different cultures in that outdoor association which is really a precious experience and memory for me.

Quite frankly, I enjoy being a tour operator and communicating with my clients. I feel it is very interesting to arrange itinerary for foreign clients from all over the world. Every time when I arrange the itinerary for my clients, I can get a lot of useful information and appreciate beauties about a variety of attractions in China. Besides, my career also gives me a sense of achievement especially when my clients enjoyed their trip with my help. I cherish each evaluation from my clients because I could improve my working ability by referring to any of the reviews.

I’ve travelled a lot. What impressed me most is the Ancient City of Pingyao. It is one of the beautiful towns that I was always dreaming to visit and I have achieved my dream at last in the year of 2016. I can feel a sense of mystery when I strolled in this town. Pingyao’s unique charm is a fantastic culture which is quite different with that of the modern big cities. If you are also interested in visiting any Chinese ancient town, I strongly recommend Pingyao to you which can be reached by high-speed train from Beijing or Xi'an easily. Of course, I will be very glad to share more about my personal travel experience and arrange a tour for you.

Travel not only can relax your body, but also can broaden your horizon. China is an ancient country with a long history which full of many masterpieces of nature and human beings. Welcome to China anytime and I am ready to offer a memorable trip for you.
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