Cissy Lee

Chinese Name: Li Wen

Cissy Lee in Hongcun Village, Anhui
Cissy in Hongcun Village, Anhui
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Hello, everyone. I'm Cissy Lee, and I was born into an industrious worker's family in the beautiful city of Xi'an. Homeland relatives and local landscapes have cultivated in me a strong body and an honest and strong character.
I graduated from Baoji University in 2007. Four years of university education has taught me that I still have a lot of things to learn, a lot of things to try, and a lot of room for self-improvement. It taught me not only what to study and how to think, but also to see the importance of practical ability. Because my family was not well-educated and had no social connections, I knew the only way to make myself strong was to rely on my own hard work by studying hard. At work, I mastered my duties step by step, and in my spare time I systematically studied how to offer first-class service to our clients. I'm so pleased to be a member of TravelChinaGuide.

I consider myself a kind of person who is easily moved and at the same time somewhat of a perfectionist, even in small things. But I know I need more self-confidence to see something through to the finish. I really enjoy my life now, although I still have many dreams to chase. I often remind myself: "Nothing can stop me. Believe in yourself". So no matter how hard a challenge is, I will accept it.

Let me tell you about my hometown - Xi'an. Known far and wide as 'the capital of table delicacies', Xi'an is rich in delicious Shaanxi snacks, delicate Guangdong cuisine, various kinds of fashionable foreign delicacies, and popular Sichuan cuisine such as hotpot. Among all the places to find these delicacies, the most famous and popular is the Muslim Snack Street. The nightlife in Xi'an has a unique glamour. Traditional activities include enjoying the night scenery around the Bell Tower, taking part in a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, strolling on the ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square and watching the music fountain performances. More modern and fashionable pastimes include singing in the KTV, hanging out in a bar, or dancing in a disco. All in all, any experience in this ancient city will bring you fun and possibly a little surprise! 

I love making all kinds of friends, and am pleased to be your guide not only online, but in China as well. To know each other in this world is really a destiny. Thus, follow up, keeping travel and continue to make friends!

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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