Dorothy Nan

Chinese Name: Nan Haifeng
Dorothy in Lijiang, Yunnan
Dorothy in Lijiang, Yunnan
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Date of Birth: October 26th, 1990
Hometown: Yan’an, Shaanxi, China
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Western Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food: Hot Pot, Sichuan Cuisine
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Cooking, Cycling

Hi, this is Dorothy Nan from I’m an outgoing lady who loves to make friends with others. Being a typical ‘Horse’ person, I’m warmhearted but sometimes a little bit impulsive. Well, nobody is perfect.

Have you ever heard of Yan’an, commonly known as the cradle of the Red Revolution in China? It is my hometown and I’m proud of the numerous cultural relics there, like the Pagoda Hill, Date Garden, and Hukou Waterfalls. Among them, I am most familiar with Huangdi Mausoleum Scenic Spot because my family lives nearby. If you have a chance to go there, I’m happy to be your tour guide.

Now please allow me to introduce myself. I was born in a big family where everyone shows tender affection to me. Thanks to the harmonious environment, I had a sweet childhood. My student life began when I was six. Always keen on learning, I studied hard and was admitted by Xi'an International Studies University in 2008. I can say from then on tourism has become an inseparable part of me.

Majoring in Tourism English, I grew strong interests in almost all subjects related to tourism, like Tourism Resources, Tourism Psychology, Chinese Society and Culture, Simulated Tour Guide Training, etc. My classmates and I often went out for field trips at weekends when in university. How amazing those days were! We have been to many famous attractions in and around Xi'an, including the Terra Cotta Warriors, Banpo Museum, Gaoguan Waterfall, Lishan Mountain and Huaqing Hot Spring. During the field trips, our teacher divided us into groups, and had us stand before tourists to introduce the sites in English one by one. From the experiences, I found how beautiful China was and realized how I wished to introduce my country to foreign guests.

After graduation, I worked as a translator specializing in cloud computing for about two years. However, I didn’t feel happy because I had to deal with boring technical stuff every day. After long deliberation, I decided to quit the job and returned to my profession. It turned out that I made the right decision. Being a professional tour company based in the old city of Xi'an, provides me the opportunity to put what I learned in university into practice.

In my spare time, I’m a quiet person and like reading. In the process of reading, I feel relaxed and peaceful. When the weather is good and it happens to be a free day, I like to go out and ride a bike in suburban areas. The roadside scenery enchants me and brings me closer to nature. In addition, I’m fond of cooking. I like to cook delicious food to entertain my friends. When I see them enjoying a big meal very much, I feel satisfied and have a sense of accomplishment.

In the following years, I want to help more foreign guests efficiently. Hope can make your journey in China smoother!
- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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