Eileen Wang

Chinese Name: Wang Ru

Eileen in Three Pagodas Park, Dali
Eileen in Three Pagodas Park, Dali
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My name is Eileen Wang and I have worked at TravelChinaGuide since 2004 following my graduation from university. I feel very lucky to have chosen English as my major and then to have chosen to be a travel consultant; this gives me a perfect opportunity to learn, to know the western culture and people, and make lots of friends during the communications with clients. That I really treasure. Thus, I firmly believe that only this sincerity could maintain friendships between me and my clients, and also nurtures the highest degree of service to them.

Every morning I come to the office and open my computer; the first thing is to check my in-box to see whether my clients need any help. Some clients even share their daily cheerful feelings with me, such as their success at losing some weight or an exciting discounted shopping experience, which add much joy and laugher to my life. One client was a Chinese American whose father was schooled in Jinan. After his death, she wanted to visit the school and the whole city. She mailed me a copy of her father’s diploma from that school, and I searched and fortunately, found that the school still exists but had changed its name. I contacted the headmaster of the right school and finally arrange a trip there for her. I feel proud that I made her dream come true.

The time that made the most impression on me was when I had a client from America who took one of our tours with her wife and we had beautiful communications with each other. To my surprise, I received his letter and mailed photos after the tour had ended. And two years later, I received photos of his new-born grandson that had been taken only two hours after his birth. What a big surprise to me and how I am touched! The baby was sleeping in the photos but when I saw his red skin and wet hair, my heart melted and filled with sweetness. I thank them for still remembering me and letting me share their happiness. I wish the baby will grow up healthy and happy and that his family will always be happy too.

In my spare time I also like to travel. I believe that the more places I go, the better and more suitable advice I can give to my clients. I have been to Beijing, Tibet, Xinjiang Province of the Silk Road, Guilin, Mt. Huangshan, Yangtze River Cruise and eastern China including Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and the surrounding water towns. Different cities have different cultures but with distinctive features. The capital Beijing with its profound history, vast deserts, exquisite water towns and gardens with delicious Shanghai cuisine, the picturesque Guilin and the three gorges, the busy farmers who toil on the terraced fields, all these filled me with the magic of nature and the development of human civilization. What a beautiful country and I cannot help loving it. And in the bottom of my heart, my favorite city is still my hometown Xi’an, an ancient capital city for 13 dynasties in the Chinese history, which leaves the people here rich in their cultural background and simple folk customs. Even though it is not a developed city in China it gives people a rare peaceful environment. And what I like the most are the people’s straightforward character and the delicious local foods.

In the following years, I will continue to travel to enrich my experience and make more effort to my work. I hope I can help more clients in a very professional way with their travels and give each of them a worthwhile and memorable experience.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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