Emily Xin

Chinese Name: Xin Fen

Emily at Qinghai Lake
Emily at Qinghai Lake
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Hello Everyone! This is Emily Xin, a travel consultant from TravelChinaGuide! I am an easy-going girl with double-side personality, sometimes active but sometimes quiet. I like smiling. Just as the saying goes, “A smile-a-lot girl never gets near to misfortune”, so I am very lucky to become a member of our TCG big family after graduating from university.

Born and growing up in Xi'an, the home to the Terracotta Army, I have a deep emotion about this beautiful city. And I'm quite familiar with its history, culture, and attractions. This is an ancient capital city with a long history, plenty of cultural relics, lots of places of interest and numerous mouth-watering snacks. Do you want to come and explore the beauty and fancy of this historical city? I am the right person who can offer useful and practical advices.

Being a travel consultant in TravelChinaGuide, I have learned much knowledge and information that I've never known before. This is not just a job for me, also a connotative and attractive book, which always has the magic power to appeal me to explore it in depth. When I met difficult questions, I do not feel it is troublesome; instead, I regard it as an opportunity to expand my horizon and improve my ability. I love my job. It gives me a sense of achievement and happiness. Every time I heard from my clients that they enjoyed the tour I arranged, I feel so satisfied and delighted. To become an excellent travel consultant, I will continue to improve myself from all aspects.

My hobbies are cooking and traveling. When I was a student, I do not have too many chances to cook. But now I cook quite often. I even invent new dishes every now and then to treat my friends and myself. I dream of being a gastronome one day. I went to Chengdu last year before the National Day Holiday. It is a city which has some similarities to Xi'an. What impressed me most is the snacks in Jinli Street. There are so many kinds of special delicacies. You can eat from the beginning to the end of the street. On the way, I also meet with some stalls, where the local craftsman make and sell their art works. If you are interested in handiwork, it should be on your travel list. Besides, Chengdu Panda Base, Wide and Narrow Allye, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Qingcheng Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha are also worth visiting in person.

I wish to visit more places in the future, experiencing different culture and admiring more arts. Shanghai is my most desired city that I would like to visit since I was a young girl. I dream of experiencing the fast paced lifestyle, admire modern building and the visit the dreamlike Disneyland there. I believe I will realize it in the near future.

So much here, after reading so much information, do you want to make friends with me and come to China to enjoy this fascinating country? I am looking forward to your coming! Welcome all the time!

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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