Ivy Zheng

Chinese Name: Zheng Feng

Ivy on the Great Wall, Beijing
Ivy on the Great Wall, Beijing
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Hi everyone, my name is Ivy Zheng. Like most of us at TCG, I joined this fantastic and specialized group after graduating university. I have been at TCG since 2012.

I really enjoy my job at TCG; it brings me happiness and knowledge. I learn that to help others is to help myself. When I've helped our guests experience a smoother trip in China, it makes me proud, as I see my value to others. I really think that the best return we get from our clients is not their gratitude, but the feedback that they enjoyed the trip very much and would like to choose us next time or recommend us to their friends or families. During the process of offering a solution to our guests, we need to check a large amount of information, as we should offer the correct, accurate and useful information. And, finally, as I acquire more knowledge, I have improved my ability to provide the required level of service to our guests.

In China, Xi'an, Chengdu and Chongqing are called the West Triangle. I am from the center of this West Triangle, Hanzhong, located in the south of Shaanxi Province. Hanzhong enjoys a good climate, which is suitable for growing rape. Every April, many travelers like to come to Hanzhong to join the Rape Flower Fair, especially those who are office workers, as they want to relax and hug the natural beauty. You can have a try. Welcome to Hanzhong next April!

There is a Chinese saying that says “reading ten thousand books is no better than traveling ten thousand miles”. It shows the importance of travel. During your trip, you can visit different places of interest, get to know the local customs and culture, and make friends with others, among so much more.

I like traveling. I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou with some friends during college. Shanghai is an international metropolis in China. When I walked on the street at daytime, everyone was in a hurry to earn a living. At night, when I walked along the Bund and saw the Oriental Pearl TV Tower across the Huangpu River, I felt how great it is, so high and so beautiful. It is my impression that Shanghai is like a fashionable lady. She is the representative of fashion and modernism; tall buildings, modern architectures, and colorful night life. Hangzhou is completely different from Shanghai, it is like a shy girl, who is expecting and pursuing true love. The West Lake is surely the top attraction for travelers. People are moved not only by the wonderful scenery but also by the love story between Madame White Snake and Xu Xi'an.

I've talked enough for now. Do you want to visit China? Welcome to China! Just join us! Let’s become your consultants during your trip to China!

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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