Tour Guide - Jenny Tan

Our Tour Guide - Jenny Tan
Our Tour Guide - Jenny Tan
My name is Jenny Tan. I graduated from Guilin Institute of tourism in 1996, and I got my first office job in China International Travel Service. After I worked through a few different departments of operating a tour group, I found out I enjoyed more working as a tour guide. Now after 12 years’ working experiences as a tour guide, when I look back I'm very happy that I made a right choice. I have been working as a tour guide since 2000, and I still carry the same passion for my job as that I had for my first tour group.

What amazing about my job is that I get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world, and I learned to deal with and communicate with different people, which is very challenging but also very enjoyable. Most of all, people I met from my job shared their life experiences and their stories with me, gave me different perspectives to look at things, and opened my eyes to the world, enabling me to see and think out of my little box. I gained more freedom and enriched my life at the same time.

I realized that I'm one of the very few Chinese people that tourists would have seen China from us. This gave me motive to always try to improve myself so I could be able to communicate with all different people in a pleasant way. One of my guests, also my very good friend Inge who called at her sixty years old birthday said: Jenny, you can call me Doctor Inge ever since today because I just got my doctor degree." Inge said: life is like a game. Whatever you have seen, whoever you met, and whatever happened are all clues to find out who you really are. So how can I not enjoy what I have been doing in my job - people from all over the world to participate my game, just helping me to find out who I really am!
Jenny Tan Our Guide - Jenny Tan
I love to travel and see different parts of China, which helps me know more about my country. Traveling to countries outside of China such as Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries is what I would like to do in the off-season. The more I see, the more I will know and learn, and I will love life, my friends and my family more and more. Someday, when my daughter is a little older, I hope I can travel together with her and my husband.
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