Kelly Wang

Chinese Name: Wang Kaili

Kelly Wang at Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin
Kelly at Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin
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My name is Kelly Wang, I’m a sweet-tempered girl who was born and raised in China. I have several hobbies, including singing and reading although I am not a good singer! I also enjoy cooking in my spare time. On weekends, I often arrange a delicious lunch for my family members or try to learn some new dishes. Sometimes the dish is a failure and it is a disaster for them to taste my new dish!

I have been working for Travel China Guide, since I graduated from college in June 2010. During the past years, I have become a professional travel consultant. I am diligent, enthusiastic and conscientious in my work and I love my job! Everyday I communicate with my clients by email or by phone and help them to plan their China tour and help deal with the immediate problems during their tour. When the tour comes to an end, I know they’ve had a wonderful time and are satisfied with my service, I feel so excited and believe my job is worthwhile. It is really true that every one of us at Travel China Guide work for our clients’ smile.

Being an experienced travel consultant, I put what I learnt to practice and gather more experience with the cooperation of my colleagues. Just as the ancient people said: “Learn more by traveling a thousand of miles than by reading a thousand of books”. During my holidays or business trips, I have been to Chongqing, the Yangtze River cruise, Yichang, Suzhou and other places. I follow the itinerary we usually arrange for our clients in person, and in the guise of a traveler, see whether the tour arrangements is interesting, sufficient and runs smoothly . I gain more knowledge about each city and this makes me offer a more effective service for my guests.

For my job, it also brings me many surprises. If it is convenient, we visit our guests for a while at the restaurant upon arrival in Xi'an. They are so nice and we are welcomed with a sweet smile and big hug just like old friends. We always have a lovely conversation and I have to admit it is a great way to improve learning and enhance our work-related skills. There is no better chance to chat face-to-face and to get real feedback about the tour. I cherish every single chance to have close contact with my clients.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. I will keep improving my work skills, providing more professional and efficient service, as well as developing with Travel China Guide.

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Questions & Answers on Kelly Wang
Asked by alicia from CANADA | Apr. 17, 2015 14:39Reply
Zodiac/ horoscope readings
Hii kelly,
Im not sure if you were the person who replied to my question on your site about my Chinese Horoscope.But I was wondering if you were the person if you do horoscope or zodiac readings?Anyways pls let me know,thx you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Kelly | Apr. 18, 2015 00:50

Dear alicia,

I am not the one who answered your question. You know, there are some kind-hearted users who visit our site and answer other people's answers. I guess that your question was answered by one of these guys.

And I am sorry to tell you that I seldom read horoscope or zodiac articles. I am one of the travel consultants of If you need help regarding of traveling in PRC, I am glad to give you a hand.

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