Kina Lu

Chinese Name: Lu Na

Kina Lu at Lugu Lake, Lijiang
Kina at Lugu Lake, Lijiang
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I have worked as a travel consultant with TravelChinaGuide upon college graduation back in 2007. I enjoy travelling so much so that I'd bring the same thrill and happiness while working with our clients. Each and every visit or tour is a rewarding experience both ways – for the guide as well as the visitors.

When I was a little girl, I read ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ in its comics book edition. I suddenly realized it could be so much exciting and interesting as long as you are with an adventure spirit. And I was impressed. I lived and relived the experience by the hero Phileas Fogg. So many times that I'd often wished I could have had the chance too. Since those days I aspire to world travelling.

Travelling is a great way to get both physical and spiritual renewals. I enjoy being in a new environment every now and then. Usually I make a quick adoption to the new environment by wondering around the local residential area to see and mingle with the local people. Everything is fresh to me and I cannot restrain my curiosity to explore and learn. I also especially enjoy sampling the local cuisine at famous restaurant, night market or even small stalls lining in the alley. When not travelling, I share my travel stories with my family, reading or cooking in my off duty hours.

I have yet so many places left in china unexplored. I enjoyed taking the rickshaw in old Beijing Hutongs, or strolling along the serene streets in Gulangyu Island of Xiamen, or riding bicycles in the ancient town of Pingyao, or sipping the local Oolong tea in Fuzhou and savoring the delicious Mutton Eaten with Fingers in Xining etc.

Travelling demands a specific skills set, and working as a travel consultant demands another skills set including people skill such as earnestness, conscientiousness, patience and attentiveness. Nothing must be left to chance. Damage control is a poor substitute for immediate and prompt corrective action. It seems like we are in a combat, and run against time. After everything said and done, our reward is in customer satisfaction. In the past years, I found so many pleasures talking with clients from all over the world. Their humor, knowledge and ideas have benefited me a lot.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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