Lexi Yang

Chinese Name: Yang Duo

Lexi Yang in Qingdao
Lexi in Qingdao
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Hello guys! This is Lexi Yang, a freshman of TravelChinaGuide.com (abbr. TCG). I am an energetic and humorous girl who always wears a smile on my face and brings smiles to the faces of people around me. Besides these two obvious characteristics, I'm also careful, optimistic and responsible.
I was born in Chunhua and spent my happy and memorable childhood there. Chunhua is a beautiful small town near Xi'an. It is rich in delicious fruits and famous for its amazing natural scenery. Now I am living in Xi'an, an old capital city full of historic relics. One of the world-known attractions in Xi'an is the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and there also is the biggest musical fountain in Asia located at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. I sincerely invite you to Xi'an if you are a history lover.

I love travelling, cycling and reading, so things related to them easily attract my attention. When I was an undergraduate, I joined a travelling club. Almost every weekend, the club would organize many kinds of activities. At first, I just wanted to kill my spare time and make friends. After I joined in the activities for several times, I found that traveling itself was really interesting. Not only can I spend my spare time and make friends but I can also expand my horizons and change my way of thinking. Just like wisdom says, traveling widens my view, increases my knowledge and builds my body. From then on, I decided I would devote myself to interesting tourism in the future.

When I graduated from university, my dream came true. I was employed by TCG and became a consultant. As a travel consultant - in my eyes - the aim of my work is to try my best to help tourists from all over the world to visit China and let them know more about this vast land and its profound history and culture.

Now I have been working in this big and warm family for one and a half years and have been helping many tourists from different countries to visit China. I still remember the feeling when I first touched upon this work. For me, this work is really a kind of enjoyment. When planning a trip for my clients, or answering their questions, or meeting them when they are in Xi'an, I am very pleased and fulfilled to know they enjoyed their China trip.

At the same time, I never stop travelling. In the past one and a half years, I travelled to the capital city Beijing, the coastal city Qingdao, the old city Kaifeng. TCG also gave me an opportunity to experience the appealing Yangtze River Cruise. I hope as my travel experience becomes more and more rich, I can know China better and better, find more places worth visiting, arrange more interesting itinerary for my clients or offer them more useful advice.

Travel is my lifetime dream, and I hope that one day I can leave my footprints at every corner of this vast world!
- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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