Linda Jing

Chinese Name: Jing Xiangxiang

Linda Jing on Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
Linda on Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
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Hello, my name is Linda Jing. I am a young, helpful and energetic girl. I spent my wonderful college life in Xi'an International Studies University, where I learnt not only English language, but also the world history, cultures, arts and literature, etc. I also made a lot of friends with students from foreign universities. I love being with my foreign friends whose humor and frankness impressed me deeply.

I started to work upon graduation as a tour operator with TravelChinaGuide (abbr. TCG). I love travelling, and that’s the reason I chose to join this elite company. All my colleagues are very nice, and they treat me like one of their family members. My seniors take good care of me and patiently teach me the inside out of the trade and to become a good tour operator. I feel very proud and happy to be part of the team as it offers me unlimited opportunities to meet and communicate with clients from all over the world and to learn more about their culture.

I have travelled to some cities in China in the last few years. Beijing, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Luoyang, Zhongwei, Yinchuan, Chongqing and Yichang are the cities I visited. A Yangtze River Cruise tour in October 2015 is my most unforgettable experience. I took an overnight train from Xi'an to Chongqing, which was really tiring. However, it was worth the journey as I was amazed by Chongqing! I visited Ciqikou Ancient Town, a busy and amazing place. I also bought lots of local snacks and delicate souvenirs there. I then continued to the Panda House in the Chongqing Zoo, and that was the first time ever I saw those adorable cubs, although I was born and grew up in China. After that, I went to the Chaotianmen Port to board the cruise ship, where I met up with some of our clients from Britain, Canada, Australia, America as well as India. They were very nice and friendly and told me many interesting things about their own countries. It really had widened up my horizon. I also shared many travel advices with them and told them a lot of stories about China. We had a happy time together. After visiting the Three Gorges Dam, our 4 days cruise tour ended in Yichang, and I came back to Xi'an. As the longest river in China, the Yangtze River boasts beautiful natural scenery and rich historical relics. It impressed me very much. I recommend it for every traveler to China.

I plan to visit Tibet this year. It is a holy place in my heart and I believe I will get something out of my expectation. I designed many itineraries for myself, but only one will materialize in the end. Sometimes, it is really hard to make a choice.

It is true that travelling is a nice way to enrich one's personal experience and learn about different cultures, customs and life styles. If you are also a keen traveler, come and join us - TCG. I will try my best to give you a memorable journey.

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