Lydia Meng

Chinese Name: Meng Peifen

Lydia Meng on the Li River, Guilin
Lydia on the Li River, Guilin
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Hello, this is Lydia Meng, one of travel consultants from TravelChinaGuide, a reliable travel agency taking care of inbound tours in China.

I have been devoted to this job since my graduation in 2010, and I like my job very much. When I was at college, I was always dreaming of traveling around the world to enjoy its beauty and wonderful sights. I took this occupation as my career choice because I thought it was a great opportunity to fulfill my dream in another way, that is, to know the beauty of each place by arranging itineraries for our valued clients.

After taking this job, I’ve learnt a lot about the specialties of each place, such as I’ve known Beijing and Xi’an, and other amazing highlights like the world famous Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors. Other national treasures include: Guilin with fantastic natural scenery, the modern prosperity of Shanghai, Kunming with various minorities, etc., although I’ve never been there before. I love to share what I know with those who are keen to have a fascinating vacation in China.

Of course, we have chances to experience some terrific places in China personally. Last year, I was able to appreciate the greatness of Three Gorges Dam in June. It was really a pleasant trip starting from the Mountain City called Chongqing, and finishing at the Dam City called Yichang. During the cruise, I enjoyed a great time with 14 clients, although we had never seen each other before.

We came to the Capitan’s welcome party together, dancing and singing joyfully. I was very happy to act as translator when they bought souvenirs from the natives. The onshore visits have also proved my professional knowledge that I have already had when arranging this tour for other clients. During the trip we talked on the deck, filling the air with laughter. They shared about their wonderful trip and some of the interesting things that happened during journey.

I liked the dinning room most because it was made of glass. When having meals there, you can reach outside directly. The river is sparkling in the sun and lush trees on the mountains waved to you together with the wind. The locals use their small boats to carry coal or sand to cross the river. Every time when you look out of window, it presents a strong smack of everyday life. Sometimes I got the delusion that everything is moving except me. The feeling was great! After arriving in Yichang, it was time for me to say goodbye to these lovely people. They waved to me even after I got on the bus. We enjoyed each other’s accompany immensely, and I still miss these great people very much.

I think it is a great job to be able to present the beauty of my country, and I really enjoy the communication with our valued clients when we are finalizing the China tour together. Please feel free to contact usto arrange your wonderful trip with us.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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