Monica Yuan

Chinese Name: Yuan Dou

Monica in Zibaishan Ski Resort, Shaanxi
Monica in Zibaishan Ski Resort, Shaanxi
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Hello, this is Monica Yuan. My name comes from a song named “Monica” by my idol Leslie Cheung. Like my zodiac sign, the Monkey, I am a vivacious and honest girl. I am so happy to share my life story here with you.

I am a big movie fan, in love with many kinds of movies. But my favorites are horror / suspense films, especially those from Western countries. During this kind of discovery ‘travel’, I fell in love with English and chose English as my major at Xi’an International Studies University. I learned a lot about the English language and western culture from my four years of happy life at university. After graduation, I was so lucky to join TCG (short for, a wonderful company that gives me the opportunity to keep working with English, which most of my friends don’t have.

I believe that travel is the best way to live life. For this reason, I had begun to travel with my family since I was a little girl. At the age of 10, I went to my first destination, Beijing, with my parents. When surrounded by high-rise buildings and flyovers, my mind went blank and my eyes shone. Then I went to fabulous Qingdao and Dalian. I will never forget the sight of seagulls flying with alongside the ship from Qingdao to Dalian, and I struggled to open my eyes wide enough to find the edge of the sea. After I grew up and had lived in the modern high technology city for a long time, I yearned to travel to places with an antique atmosphere. So I went to beautiful Tianshui, ancient Pingyao, amazing Dali and charming Lijiang. But if someone asks me which city I love the most, it is definitely Xi’an, where I have lived for the past years. I love the food, the cultural, and the warm people here. Now I am quite familiar with each aspect of this city. If you come to Xi’an, I will be happy to share with you my experience of travelling and of life here.

Now I am sitting in the office of TCG, happily working as a consultant. It is enjoyable to spend most of my time smoothing out our clients’ travel, and helping them out of hassles. It is amazing that my work and knowledge can provide them with a lovely experience in China, an even better impression of China. A simple “thank you” from my clients cheers me up for a long time. What I harvest from TCG is far more than what I give. My spoken language is getting better, my horizon is getting wider, and my courage and confidence has improved. I am no longer a timid girl who shrinks from communicating with strangers. Thank you, my dear TCG crew!

In the future, I sincerely wish TCG and I will meet more and more trustworthy friends from all over the world. We will take you to see colorful China with pleasure. You will definitely be impressed by our hospitable consultants and first-class service. Welcome to China!

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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