Richard Liu

Chinese Name: Liu Guozhong

Richard Liu in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai
Richard in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai
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My name is Richard Liu. I was born on October 1st, 1982. I graduated from Xi'an International University. During my four years at college, I studied very hard for my degree. At the same time, I organized and participated in a variety of team sports which built up my team spirit and sense of competition.

I am a cheerful, lively and positive person at all times. I like making friends and people also like making friends with me. I have learnt a lot from my friends, who I value greatly. When I fail, they are always there to comfort me and guide me. I enjoy martial arts, traveling, swimming, listening to music and playing badminton. I got the first prize in the school swimming competition held in 2003. I am also quite interested in the latest news about science, technology and military weapons.

As for traveling, I like to visit various cities and experience local culture and foods. I have been to many big cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi'an, etc. I am really looking forward to some small city adventures! Natural beauty has a great attraction for me, such as splendid mountains, winding rivers, unusual rock formations and local plants, etc. During the years in Xi'an, I fell in love with the cultural attractions. I was deeply moved by history and ancient peoples’ wisdom. Visiting historical attractions such as the Terra Cotta Warriors, Shaanxi History Museum, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum and the city wall, seems like having a dialogue with the past. Isn’t it interesting?

I enjoyed traveling so much that I wanted to find a job in the travel industry. Luckily enough, I was finally employed by TravelChinaGuide, a positive, innovative and creative company. I am motivated by this culture, so I work hard and passionately. Everyone in TCG gets along with each other perfectly. We co-operate and help each other. We work for the same goal of providing the best services to travelers who also love traveling. I am really proud of being a member of this friendly, big family! I love TCG!

I am always ready to help others. It is my pleasure to be of help. My belief is that everyone needs help and if everyone can give a hand to those who are in need, our life and our world will be more beautiful!

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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