Ruby Zhao

Chinese Name: Zhao Feifei

Ruby Zhao in Jade Spring Park, Lijiang
Ruby in Jade Spring Park, Lijiang
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Hi, I am Ruby, and I graduated from Xi’an International Studies University in the year 2005. I was very lucky to join TravelChinaGuide as my first job. The company is energetic and active. All my colleagues are passionate about travel and eager to help. It is just like one big family, and we are getting along with each other very well.

I work as a travel consultant. My work is to organize memorable tours for clients from the first time they contact us until they finish the trip and leave China. I love my job, and the happiest time I have is when I get praise from clients saying that they had a great tour with us. I have been working at this company for years. I will keep working hard to provide unforgettable and worthwhile tours for all of my clients.

Travel helps people relax from hard work, learn more about the world, and refresh their energy. With vast territory and abundant resources, China is an ideal country to travel around. The dignity of the ancient city Xi’an, Pingyao, the charming nature scenery of Guilin, Jiuzhaigou, the colorful minority culture of Yunnan, Guizhou and mysterious sacred land Tibet, are all places that appeal to tourists.

I myself love to travel, and the company is kind enough to provide chances for its staff. I have been to Beijing, Tibet, Chengdu, Shanghai, Phuket, Xinjiang Province, and a cruise on Yangtze River in the past few years. Most were organized by our company, and some I did on my own.

The most impressive and memorable trip I have enjoyed is the Yangtze River cruise, for which I got the chance to travel with my clients together. Being a tour consultant, we often communicate with foreign clients, but most are by email or telephone. It is rare we meet clients in person if they do not come to Xi'an, let alone talk with them like friends. I spent a very happy time with my group that were from Hungary during the 4 days 3 nights tour, and I still have that memory clearly in my mind. One person in that group got my close attention, as he didn’t take any photos when travelling. I felt curious and asked him why. He said he took pictures with his eyes, not the camera, all the beautiful scenery is kept in his mind. Wow, what a high spiritual state.

I wish that one day I could leave my footprint on every part of China, and also go out to experience a different world in other countries.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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