Sunny Zhang

Chinese Name: Zhang Yang

Sunny in Tianjin
Sunny in Tianjin
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Hello everyone! My name is Sunny Zhang, and I’m an operator at the TravelChinaGuide (TCG) booking center. My main duty is to book train tickets, flight tickets and hotel rooms in China for clients, and to try my best to answer any questions our customers may have.

This is not my first job, but I hope it will be my last one. I'm new at writing these short paragraphs for the company. However it makes me feel I have been working here for quite a long time. There are two main reasons. For one thing, I am crazy about traveling, and eagerly want to link my interest to my career. The first time I encountered TCG, I was strongly attracted to it, and strongly believed that TCG could make my dream come true. For another, which is also the most important one, I was totally attracted by TCG’s professionalism, such as their perfect service, enthusiasm, and excellent oral English. As a job hunter, I was eager to work with them and believed my joining them would make the team better. After several months working at TCG, I am sure I have made the right choice.

I spent four happy years finishing my university studies at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Tianjin, a city next to Beijing, is a mixture of Chinese and Western elements. Here stand many historic Western buildings. Our campus is a typical college campus, and some movie makers have chosen it as a shooting scene. During my 4-year study time, I visited a lot of cities around Tianjin, including Beijing, Beidaihe, Jixian, Langfang, Tangshan, and Shijiazhuang. I enjoyed myself on the journeys and fell in love with the destinations at first sight.

After graduation, I went to a modern city in south China, Shenzhen. It is a big, modern, developed, fantastic city which gives me energy, enthusiasm, power, and confidence. I strongly feel that I am truly alive because there are so many things to try. During the year, I continued to travel. I have been to Guangzhou, Hongkong, Hangzhou, Huangshan, and Nanjing. As long as I have time, I will pick up my bag and travel to a new city on my own or with friends. Now, I have settled down in Xi'an, an ancient Chinese capital for 13 dynasties, which is also my hometown. I absolutely love it here. It presents different Chinese cultures and cultivates wonderful people. And most importantly, my family lives here. Some people, like me, love traveling, but we have to settle down finally, especially when we grow up and decide to start a family. Anyhow, I will not stop traveling. Soon, I will venture forth from Xi'an to destinations at home and abroad.

I have written too much. Let’s get back to the subject. I am ready to provide the best service for my clients, and I prefer to share my travel experience and stories with them. If you love traveling and are interested in China, do not hesitate to start your journey. And the most important thing is we are always ready to help you with your travel plans, and we are very experienced in this field. Finally, please keep it in mind that we are TravelChinaGuide in case you need our help.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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