Victoria He

Chinese Name: He Yue

Victoria in Wuzhen Water Town, Zhejiang
Victoria in Wuzhen Water Town, Zhejiang
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Hello, welcome to TravelChinaGuide! I am Victoria from the Train & Flight Booking Center. I studied at Xi'an International Studies University and majored in English Tourism. After graduating, I joined the TravelChinaGuide family. As a new employee I am still learning the role under the guidance of the experienced senior consultants. I am really happy that I became a member of the family and my colleagues are all friendly and willing for help. Every morning we greet each other warmly with a big smile and then start our daily work serving our customers.
Although I have been in the role for three months, I gain great satisfaction from my work and realize how important it is. I feel happiness from the bottom of my heart every time I create a better schedule for our customers. I was moved by one who called me one night for help as he had lost the booking reference for his ticket. After he boarded the train he sent me the following message: “Thanks a lot! The travel agency you work at is really great and has made my travel in China so much easier. Wishing you a good night”. It was a short message but touched me so much and inspired me to try my best to offer a sincere service for all.
In my free time I am always accompanied by two good friends: books and music. They have already become the staple of my daily life. When I was a small girl I used to read Andersen's Fairy Tales or Grimm's Fairy Tales and sit on my bed with my toy bear beside me. Even now I still enjoy the dreamy stories as much as I used to. Another daily friend of mine is music which is the most important way for me to relax. My mood follows the rhythm of the music; sometimes relaxed, sometimes happy. There is no better joy than getting lost in the world of music.
Although I haven't travelled extensively, I treasure the few experiences I have had, especially the journey to Qingdao, where I saw the sea for the first time. When I saw the azure and borderless ocean in person, I felt it was like the mother of all the creatures: wide and full of power and I do believe it is just the first of many trips. I still have plenty of chances to fill my life with many experiences and to create my own stories.
Would you like to explore your journey with me?
Let’s start from my hometown Xi'an, a city with profound culture. You can see the vivid history from the Neolithic period until now.
Other places on the vast land of China also offer plenty travel delights. You can explore from the historical Beijing to modern Shanghai, from the Mongolian yurts to the bamboo houses, enjoy the tasty food and experience the various local customs in China. Just like an old Chinese proverb: “The longest journey begins with a single step”. Your journey begins here.

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