Mount Fuji Weather in November

Season: Late autumn

Mount Fuji weather in November is almost in a winter mode, as both the temperature and rainfall drop significantly. The mean temperature on the hillside drops to 4℃ (39.2℉), and it hovers between 0-8℃ (32-46.4℉) averagely. The precipitation decreases to 91mm or so. Even so, the humidity is as high as 63%. November is the best month to admire red maple leaves and more autumn leaves around Mt. Fuji. As it turns to be quite cold on the mountain, warm clothes are the must if going up there. Sweater, padded jacket, and winter pants are suggested.

Averages for Mount Fuji Weather in November

Temperature: 4°C / 39.2°F
High Temperature: 8°C / 46.4°F
Low Temperature: 0°C / 32°F
Humidity: 63%
Rainfall: 91 mm
Rainy Days: 7 days
Sunrise: 06:07 ~ 06:35
Sunset: 16:35 ~ 16:52

Note: These are the data of the 5th Station on hillside of Mount Fuji.

What to Wear on Mount Fuji in November

In light of the cold climate in November on Mt. Fuji, it is advised to wear warm winter clothes, especially when going high to the 5th Station on the hillside. Sweater, wool overcoat, padded jacket, parka, downcoat, thick sweat-trousers, winter pants, boots, etc. are all suitable. Padded hat, scarf and gloves can also be prepared.
Mount Fuji Clothes in November November Wear on Mount Fuji

Top Things to Do around Mount Fuji in November

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As November is the most colorful time thanks to various autumn leaves, Mt. Fuji is full of tourists. Visitors may get to the 5th Station and appreciate the foliage all over the mountain. Akakurayama Sengen Park with Chureito Pagoda is a hot spot to appreciate the autumnal scenery as well as Mt. Fuji in autumn. One can never go to Mt. Fuji without visiting Lake Kawaguchi, where Autumn Leaves Festival is held centered on Momiji Corridor; it’s a visual feast for everyone. Oshino Hakkai under the mountain is stunning for fall foliage as well, and thatched cottages and ponds there make it an old-timey idyllic village. Itchiku Kubota Art Museum is also fascinating as the yard is shaded with beautiful autumn leaves.


The autumn leaves season around Mt. Fuji usually starts since mid-late October, and it comes to its peak in November. There are many spots to admire colored foliage, and it’s usually some crowded at hot spots.
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