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Top Beijing Tours
Independent Travelers
Beijing Great Wall Hiking
Hike further along the Great Wall to learn more about this world shocking man-made project. The 29 elaborately designed cheap Beijing itineraries here provide budget travelers with detailed information for the trip.
The most detailed and complete Forbidden City itineraries are listed here for your reference. Following our itineraries, you will have an in-depth independent tour in the majestic Forbidden City and experience much more of the imperial architecture and treasures.
BJ24: Self-guided Beijing Highlight Trips
  • One Day: 14 options for you to get around the city

  • Two Days: help you get the most out of a short stay

  • Three Days: recommend you the must-see sights

BJ25: Independent Hutong Tours
Experienced independent travelers in Beijing have already extended their tentacles to fresh destinations around. Luoyang, another capital city for nine dynasties of ancient China, would be a nice place for your extensional tour. You can not only acquire the profound Buddhist grotto art, but also learn about the Shaolin Kungfu.
This 4-day independent trip takes you to delve into the glorious past of Pingyao, a cultural city in Shanxi with a history of over 2,700 years. Shanxi Province has been a significant place since ancient times. It was one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture and an area of strategic importance. The profound history and culture have left countless relics and artistic masterpieces, and Ancient City of Pingyao is no doubt the highlight.
Tianjin is the largest coast city in northern region opening to outside and enjoys a reputation of “the bright pearl of Bohai Sea”. Take a high-speed express train to Tianjin, discover the history and culture of this municipality.
As a metropolis capital city, Beijing is not only endowed with abundant cultural and historical relics, but also brilliant modern skyscrapers and natural beauties. Cycling has become a favorable way among budget travelers to get a close touch of its mysterious enchantment. The cycling routes here will take you to unveil parts of the authentic essence.
The cycling race routes are designed to stretch to suburban areas of Beijing, where superb attractions are scattered, such as Great Wall, Gubei Water Town, Guyaju Caves and Longqing Gorge. It offers cycling fans a chance to explore more of the natural wonder.
Feel the development of China's sciences and technologies by taking a 2-day trip to Science & Technology Museum, Planetarium, Ancient Observatory, CCTV Tower and Geological Museum.
Skiing is a quite popular sport in snow cities, and the ski resorts near Beijing are in a variety, which are ideal places for the people who do not want to travel far but still can enjoy the winter fun and joy of skiing.
The Chinese acrobatics achievement is worldwide famous. Take a 3-day trip to its hometown Wuqiao and know its history deeply. Also you will visit the famous Inside Paintings Museum and New Year Pictures Museum in Hengshui.
Longqing Gorge boasts splendid gorge scenery and Kangxi Grassland is the closest grassland to the city, which has the largest hippodrome and professional horsemanship club. The two form the best route for a Beijing independent tour.
From the beautiful Bashang Grassland, a section of the Inner Mongolia grassland, to the oldest Jiming Post House, then to the wonderful Tianmo Desert, you will enjoy and experience quite a different exciting journey in Zhangjiakou during the 4 days.
Relaxing on the bund of Beidaihe sea, with off-shore breeze brushing your face, kinds of sea birds lingering around you, numerous visitors are always fascinated by the comfort and leisure of this off-shore 4-day vacation route. There are also countless stunning facilities in the Kursaal, adding more fun in your holiday.
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