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Beijing Knot Great Wall Hiking

Highlight: Essence of Jiankou Great Wall from Beijing Knot to Jiankou Spot

Route: Beijing - Huairou District - Zhao's Hostel - Xidaqiang Wall - Beijing Knot - Eagle Flies Facing Upward - Sky Stair - General Guarding Pass - Jiankou Spot - Xizhazi Village - Huairou District - Beijing 

Please take metro line 2 or 13 to Dongzhimen Station and get out from Exit H to the Dongzhimen Transit Hub. Take the first bus no. 916 at 06:00 and get off at Yangjiayuan Stop in Huairou District. Then charter a car to the fifth team of Xizhazi Village (Xizhazi Cun Wu Dui) and walk through the Xizhazi Tourism Ecological Garden. After hiking for about 2km (1mi) along country road, you will arrive at the Zhao's Hostel, the starting point of the uphill path up to the Great Wall. 

You will reach at Xidaqiang Wall after around 45 minutes' hiking. Follow the Great Wall rampart southwards for some time and climb up a nearly vertical stairway to the Beijing Knot, a strategic tower in the west section of Jiankou Great Wall, where you can see a tall withered pine tree on the top. It is the joining point of Great Wall sections from three directions. Besides the way you come, you can see other two ramparts stretching to the south and west respectively from Beijing Knot.

Jiankou Great Wall

Hiking on the Wall

Standing at the Beijing Knot, you can overlook the Eagle Flies Facing Upward to the south, who got this name because of the similar appearance to a flying eagle. A watchtower at a lower position looks like the head of the eagle and two sections of upward walls are its two wings. 

The Sky Stair is at the east wing of the eagle. Although only 80 meters (90 yards) in length, it is regarded as one of the most challenging section of Jiankou Great Wall because of a slope of 70 degrees. 

After that, continue this independent Beijing Knot Great Wall hiking tour along the wall for about 30 minutes to the General Guarding Pass. After another one hour's trekking, you will arrive at the lowest point of this section named Jiankou Spot. Get down from the ramparts there and walk along a trail northwards back to the Xizhazi Village. 

Charter a car to reach Huairou Bus Station in around one hour and take bus no. 916 there back to the downtown Beijing.

1. This Beijing Knot Great Wall hiking tour usually lasts for 7~8 hours for average backpackers. Make sure you get down from the wall before 17:30 to catch the last bus no. 916 which departs at 19:00.
2. The Jiankou Great Wall around Beijing Knot was constructed of stone bricks. After hundreds of years' exposure to the wind and rain, some sections have already collapsed into gravelly tracks revealing faint traces of the former stairs. It is highly suggested you wear skid-proof climbing boots and watch your step during the climbing. Even use both your hands and feet at some steep sections like the Eagles Flies Facing Upward and Sky Stair.
3. Do not set out this independent Beijing Knot hiking tour during rainy, snowy or thundery days.
4. Go along the path beside the Great Wall at some difficult sections.

Bus no. 916CNY 13
Car fare from Huairou to Xizhazi VillageAround CNY 150 per car
Entrance Fee of Xizhazi Tourism Ecological ParkCNY 20

Photos of Jiankou

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