GL16: Escorted Li River Cruise Tour to Yangshuo by Public Transport

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  Itinerary Brief
► This is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.

► Hiking Route: Guilin - Li River Cruise - Yangshuo - West Street - Guilin.

Guilin is one of the most popular destinations in China with stunningly beautiful natural scenery. There is a saying in China that "East or west, Guilin landscape is the best". The best recommendation is to take a Li River cruise to fully appreciate the natural scenery. Journeying on the river is quite a treat both for your eyes and for your mood. Here you will see incomparable scenery with crystal clear river, various shapes of hills, and farmers and oxen working in the fields. If you appreciate traditional scroll paintings you will find a nice reflection in the water.
Li River Cruise
Li River Cruise
  8:00-9:30 Hotel Pick-up, Transfer to Li River Pier by Taxi
Our guide will meet you at your hotel in Guilin center and take you to the Li River pier by taxi. After about 50 minutes, you will arrive at the pier, go through the passport inspection and board the 3-star Li River cruise ship. Our guide will contact you a day before your tour and schedule the meeting time based on your convenience.
  9:30-14:00 Li River Cruise
The cruise ship sets off at 9:30 and the whole journey takes around four hours. Our guide will accompany you on the cruise and explain the amazing legends while you enjoy the bewitching natural scenery. Stretching for 83 kilometers (52miles) from downtown Guilin to Yangshuo, the Li River journey can be divided into the following three parts. 

► Guilin to Yangdi
The first section consists of various scenic spots such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Gamecock Hill, and Father & Son Rock. It is quite easy to get their names from their natural appearance. For example, the Elephant Trunk Hill looks like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk, and the Gamecock Hill looks like two cocks having a contest with each other.

► Yangdi to Xingping
The second section is the soul of Li River. It includes Wangfu Rock, Guanyan Rock, Banbian Du, the Carp's Image on the Rock Wall, Kowtow to Goddess of Mercy, the Eight Immortals Cross the Li River, the Nine-Horse Fresco Hill, the Reflections of the Green Peaks and the Charming Landscape of Xingping, all of which are endowed with beautiful and impressive fairy tales.

On the Yellow Cloth Shoal, you will see the landscape on banknote CNY20.00. Here's a story that the lord of heaven had seven beautiful daughters. These girls were attracted by the picturesque scenery and had themselves turned into mountains. When the weather is fine, you can see the Seven Fairy Maidens clearly reflected in the water. There is a large beige flagstone under the water surface. It seems as if there is a wide yellow cloth covering the riverbed. That's how the shoal got its name.

Guanyan Rock is about a magic hat conquering an evil dragon. The entrance of the cave is the mouth of the dragon. This cave is famous for the gorgeous Karst landscape.

The Nine-Horse Fresco Hill looks like a giant mural in several colors, seen from afar. Visitors are happy to see if they can count nine horses while the cruise passes here.

You will also see one of the mountains as the portrait of the Goddess of Mercy at adistance, the image of one carp on the mountain and so on.

► Xingping to Yangshuo
The last portion of the river is famous for the combined harmonious beauty of rural life and nature, especially in Xingping. You will see green mountains, bamboo rafts, dense forests, small fishing villages, orchards and cormorant fishing. If you take a cruise in summer, you may frequently see the farmers working in the farmland and buffalo drinking water at the riverside. Words are not enough to fully present its beauty, so we hope you will have a chance to experience it for yourself.
Li River Cruise
  14:00-16:00 Yangshuo West Street
Usually it arrives at Yangshuo at around 2pm. Once you disembarking, your guide will walk you to the famous West Street, which has a history of more than 1,400 years. Shops sell local items covered with strong native features at a reasonable price. Cafes and western style bars line the street. It is a perfect mix of western and oriental culture! Have some relax time before return to Guilin.
  16:00-18:00 Return to Guilin by Bus
There is no cruise ship available from Yangshuo back to Guilin. You can take a bus back to Guilin from Yangshuo. Firstly, our guide will take you to Yangshuo Bus station by taxi in around 15 minutes. There are buses available to Guilin every 15 minutes, starting from 07:00 in the morning and ending at 17:35. After around 90 minutes driving, you will arrive in Guilin and our guide will hail a taxi for you return to your hotel.
  Travel Tips:
1. The cruise ship offers a very simple lunch on board. You’d better to bring some snacks.
2. You may choose to stay overnight in Yangshuo after the cruise tour so that you can have more time to appreciate this breathtaking natural countryside scenery. If you would like to have a hiking or bicycle trip around Yangshuo, please let us know and we are happy to assist you. 
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