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One-Day Exploration of Yiwu International Trade Mart

Yiwu International Trade Mart is the largest commodities wholesale market in the world. It consists of five districts with over 75,000 booths inside selling more than 1.8 million kinds of products. If you have a whole day's free time during your Shanghai tour, it is highly suggested you set out a side trip from Shanghai to this wholesale market to search for some good stuff.

Firstly, you may take subway line 2 or 10 to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to take a high speed train to Yiwu. After less than 2 hours' train ride, you will arrive at Yiwu Railway Station. Then, get on bus K802 or K801 at the parking lot in front of the train station to the Yiwu International Trade Mart.

When the whole day's independent tour is over, reverse the trip to Yiwu Railway Station and then take a high speed train back to Shanghai.
Where to Find Desired Products in Yiwu International Trade Mart
District 1 1F: Flowers & Toys;
2F: Jewelry & Hair Ornaments;
3F: Furniture & Decorations;
4F: Crystal Ornament, Decorative Crafts, Outlet Stores;
5F: Festive Crafts & Embroideries
District 2 1F: Umbrellas, Packing Boxes, Bags & Suitcases;
2F: Hardware Fittings & Bicycles;
3F: Electronic Devices;
4F: Telecommunication Equipments & Small Household Appliances;
5F: Chains & Screws, Moulds
District 3 1F: Pens, Inks, Paper Articles, Glasses;
2F: Sports Goods & Office Supplies;
3F: Cosmetics, Zippers & Buttons;
4F: Garment Accessories & Beauty Products;
5F: Chinese New Year Paintings & Calendars
District 4 1F: Socks & Leggings;
2F: General Merchandise, Knitwear & Textiles;
3F: Shoes & Hats, Garment Accessories;
4F: Underwear & Belts;
5F: Ceramics, Paintings & Calligraphy Works
District 5 1F: Import Products & Pet Supplies;
2F: Bedding & Chinese Knot;
3F: Curtains & Knitted Fabrics;
4F: Automotive Supplies & Motorcycle Accessories;
5F: Adult Products & Graphic Design
1. There are free tourism buses to help visitors shuttling among the five districts of Yiwu International Trade Mart.
2. You can have a simple meal in a restaurant inside the market, but it is suggested you have lunch at around 11:00 to avoid the peak meal time during 12:00~13:00.
3. Most booths inside the commodities market only do the wholesale business and products are usually sold at a budget price in this way. For backpackers, it is suggested to do the shopping in the Tourist Shopping Center inside the District 4. You can get in through the southern gate and climb upstairs to find the shopping center on the fifth floor.
4. If you are interested in the changes of the Yiwu Trade Mart along with the time, you may stop by an exhibition hall on the third floor of District 3.
5. You are suggested to ask for permission before taking pictures of these commodities.
6. Yiwu International Trade Mart covers an area of 5.5 square kilometers (2.1 square miles), so wearing a pair of comfortable shoes can be a wise decision.

High Speed Train: Shanghai – YiwuCNY 123 for a second-class seat
Bus K801 or K802CNY 1.5
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Questions & Answers
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How to bring a bike
Hi, We're interested in going to the island but we'd like to bring our own bikes. Do you know if this is possible using public transit?
Answers (1)
Answered by Karen | Nov. 08, 2016 19:35

As far as I know, the bikes are only allowed to be taken at Shidongkou Port with a small fee. There are also many places for bike rental on the island, which is very convenient.
Asked by Anna from RUSSIA | Nov. 04, 2016 22:04Reply
Arriving to Nanmen Port
Whats is the best place to visit if we arrive by ferry to Nanmen Port? one day trip, just want to choose one place for walking or bike ride
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There are many bike rental spots on Chongming Island, including Nanmen Port. You are suggested to go to Dongping Forest Park and bike in the park. If there is still time, you may also visit Xisha Wetland or Dongtan Wetland. They are all good places for walking or biking.
Asked by Mischa from NETHERLANDS | Sep. 22, 2016 10:24Reply
How to get to Chongming Island from Xujiahui
Hi, planning to go the the Mahota farm on Chongming island. I want to travel by public transport. What is the best/ fastest way from Xujiahui station (line 1/9/11).

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From Xujiahui Station, you can take subway line 1 (Fujin Road Direction) and get off at Wenshui Road Station. Get out of the station from Exit 4 and then take bus Shenchong Line 1 or Shenchong Line 3 at Wenshui Road Gonghexin Road Station to the terminal station-Chongming Island.
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You can take subway line 12 from Jinhai Stop to Jufeng Road, then transfer to line 6 and get off at Wuzhou Dadao Station. Exit 2 and take bus Shenchong Line 6 or Shenchong Line 6B at Wuzhou Dadao Metro Station to Chongming Island.
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Gonghexin rd to Dongping National Forest Park
How can I get to Dongping National Forest Park, Chongming island from Gonghexin Rd ( near Pengpuxincun station line 1)?

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I searched online and found it was really a long way. You can take subway Line 1 and transfer to Chongshen Line 3 at Wenshui station. Get off at Youshuiwan station and walk to Qiaozhen station to take Nandongzhuanxian Bus. After 21 stops, you get off at Zhaohu station and then walk to Dongping National Forest Park.
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