BJ-WK06: Beijing 1-Day Hiking from Xiangshan Post Office to Badachu Park

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Among local hikers in Beijing, the route from Xiangshan Post Office at the eastern foot of Fragrant Hills to Badachu Park, locally known as “Xiang Ba La”, is a test and a stepping stone. It is also one of the most classic hiking routes in Beijing because of several reasons: 
1. It is close to downtown and easily access; 
2. It is relatively safe, but with rises, downs and sections through mountain ridges;
3. The route is dotted with both natural scenery and cultural relics.
  Hotel Pick-up & Get to Xiangshan Post Office by Public Transport
The day before this hiking tour, our experienced guide will contact you to confirm the location and time to meet you today; at the same time inform you some tips like having a big breakfast, wearing comfortable hiking shoes, and bringing some convenient food for energy supplement. 

Today after picking you up, head to the starting point of this hiking route, Xiangshan Post Office. Considering its location in suburb, the guide will escort you there by subway. The subway Western Suburban Line right has a station not far away, named Xiangshan. After arriving, walk westward for a couple of minutes to get there.

 It is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport and walk. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.
  Classic Xiangshan Post Office to Badachu Park Hiking Route
There are many different trails to hike from Xiangshan Post Office to Badachu Park with different difficulties. Here, we will choose the most classic and popular one. 

 Hiking Route: Xiangshan Post Office – Haohanpo – Guajia Pagoda – Nanmachang Reservoir (Xiangshan Reservoir) – Cuiwe Peak – Badachu Park
 Distance: about 13 kilometers (8 miles)
 Overall Rises: 600-700 meters (2,000 – 2,300 feet)
 Overall Falls: 600-700 meters 
 Time needed: 5-6 hours 
 Suitable for: beginners

Xiangshan Post Office

It is the starting point, also the gathering point of this classic hiking route. So you will meet many hiking lovers there, especially on weekends and holidays.


Start from Xiangshan Post Office, the guide will lead you to walk ahead along the road with a gentle slope till reaching a T-shaped road cross, turn right and walk northward, then turn left at the end of the road to set foot on the Biyunsi Road. Keep hiking along the Biyunsi Road, the outer wall of Biyun Temple, and then the Meichang Street till reaching the road outside the Fragrant Hills Park. After walking on the road outside the Fragrant Hills Park for about another 1,000 meters (1,100 yards), you will see the entrance to Lanhanpo and then Haohanpo. The guide will choose the more challenging Haohanpo, because there is no fork along the way and you don’t need to worry about getting lost.  

Haohanpo can be said as the most challenging section of this classic “Xiang Ba La” hiking route. The first section is full of small rocks. The middle section is all about big rocks; at some parts, it is almost vertical and one needs to use both the hands and feet. The last section is in a pine woods. Not far from its top, stands the New Wangjing Tower, where you can have a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

Guajia Pagoda 

Guajiata is a white pagoda sitting on a gate to the northwest of the Fragrant Hills. There are two ways from Haohanpo to Guajia Pagoda. One is from New Wangjing Tower and get down via Houzipa; the other requires hikers to walk ahead for dozens of meters from New Wangjing Tower and turn right to walk down along the gentle slope. Follow the guide to take the later one for safety reasons. It takes about half an hour from Haohanpo to Guajiata Pagoda.

Nanmachang Reservoir

From Guajiata Pagoda, hike southward along the small downward trail to reach the Nanmachang Reservoir. It is not big. The water reflects the surrounding green scenery, peaceful and beautiful. On winter days, it turns into a natural skating rink. Have a rest here. You can also enjoy your self-prepared meals by the waterside. 

Cuiwei Peak

Follow the guide to walk along the wooden plank road by the Nanmachang Reservoir to the mountain foot and then walk upward along a small trail to reach a rest place with some chairs, locally called “Cha Peng”. Take the road to the right of the “Cha Peng” and you will then get to Cuiweiding Peak. 

Cuiwei Peak is not very high. But standing on it, you can overlook western Beijing and the Badachu Park. On the way there, you can also see many colorful prayer flags.

Badachu Park

Get down from the Cuiwei Peak, you will be standing at the destination of this hiking, Badachu Park. It houses 8 Buddhism temples and beautiful natural scenery. If time permits, the guide will accompany you to have a stroll inside and then get out from its front gate. 
 Admission fee: CNY10
 Open time: March 16 – August: 6:00 – 19:30; September - November 15: 6:00 – 19:00; November 16 – March 15: 6:00 – 18:30
  Send You Back from Badachu Park to Hotel in Downtown
First, the guide will escort you to take a shuttle bus from the front gate of Badachu Park to Badachu South bus stop, then connect to bus no. 347, 489, 958, 972 or Zhuan215 to downtown and finally transfer to subway or other buses back to your hotel.
  More Hiking Routes around Fragrant Hills Park

Mini Routes for Leisurely Stroll

1. Xiangshan Post Office or Tomb of Mei Lanfang or Jingfu Temple – Old Wangjing Tower – Botanical Garden
2. Xiangshan Post Office – Dayingwa – Guajia Pagoda – Xiangshan Reservoir – Kuaihuo Woods – Front Gate of Fragrant Hills Park

1-Day Short Routes for Beginners

1. Hongqi Village – Guixiaoshi – Guajia Pagoda - Xiangshan Reservoir – Kuaihuo Woods – Xiangshan Post Office
2. Xiangshan Post Office – Kuaihuo Woods – Xiangshan Reservoir- Guajia Pagoda – Dayingwa – Sikeshu – Botanical Garden – Xiangshan Parking Lots

2-Days Long Routes for Experienced Hikers 

1. Yongwangfu – Hutou Mountain – Cuiping Mountain – Nanmachang Reservoir – southern wall of Fragrant Hills Park – Guajia Pagoda – New Wangjing Tower – Dayingwa – Yingtao Valley – Botanical Garden
2. Yongwangfu – Dayingwa – Small Wutai Mountain – Dongshan Village – Yangtuo – New Wangjing Tower – Botanical Garden 
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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