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Beijing 1-Day Tour: Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site

For backpacking travelers who are interested in history or archeology, Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site in suburb Beijing is a good choice for a one day tour. Skulls of the Peking Man, a kind of homo erectus lived sixty thousand years ago, were excavated there in 1929. From then on, a large amount of bones of ancient humans and animals as well as stone implements were unearthed continuously. The whole site consists of two parts, the Site Museum and Site Park.
Fossils of the Skull of the Peking Men
To get to the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site, you may take Beijing bus no. 616 from the south square of Beijing West Railway Station to Liangxiang Ximen Station; after alighting, walk backwards to West Liangxiang Road and then go westwards for a few yards to take Fangshan bus no. 38 to Zhoukoudian Beizhan Station; the Peking Man Site is just 500 yards to the north. Alternatively, you can transfer to subway Fangshan Line to the terminus, Suzhuang, and then take a taxi directly to the museum at a cost of CNY60.

We suggest you start this independent Beijing tour with the Zhoukoudian Site Museum. The exterior of the museum looks exactly like a giant stone implement left by ancient humans. Exhibits in the Site Museum are mainly fossils of the Peking Men and other animal bones as well as ancient stone tools which can be dated back to 20 to 70 thousand years ago. You can find skulls of ancient humans well preserved in glass exhibition standing at every corner of the museum. The unearthed stone implements are all hung against a wall to help visitors make a comparison between one and another. In multi-media display hall, the Peking Men's everyday life like hunting, making fire, and playing are vividly reproduced. You can even 'have an interaction' with the Peking Men to compare height and brain volume.
We suggest that you follow a tour guide in the museum so that you will learn more background knowledge about this Homo erectus and the whole excavation procedure. Audio guide in English, French, Russian, Japanese, and Korean as well as QR code guide card are also available if you prefer to visit by yourself. There is a restaurant in the museum, where you can take a break and have some snacks.

When you exit from the exhibition hall, walk northwards for about 10 minutes to the Zhoukoudian Site Park. Here, you can make further exploration at the excavation sites, including the Apeman Cave where the skull of Peking Man was unearthed, and the Upper Cave Site which is famous for housing a large amount of stone implements.
Stone Flower Cave
After visiting the Zhoukoudian Site, we suggest you pay a visit to the Stone Flower Cave, a good supplement for this 1-day Beijing independent tour. It is seven miles away from the Peking Man Site to the north. You can take a taxi to get there at a cost of around CNY90.

The Stone Flower Cave boasts unique karst landscape. Bizarre limestone makes the cave more like a mysterious crystal palace. The cave is surrounded by mountains with streams flowing through. The fresh air, verdant trees, and beautiful scenery will give you a good and relaxed mood. There are hotels, restaurants, and home-inn in and near the cave, so you can spend one night there if you have enough time.

To get back to the city, you can take a Fangshan bus no. 43 to Shihuadong Lukou, and then change to bus no. 833 to Suzhuang to take a subway back to downtown Beijing.

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