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5 Days Golf Tour of Huangshan

Huangshan Golf Tour
Visit the Tunxi Old Street. Take a shuttle bus to Mt. Huangshan. Drive to Yixian County where you can visit Hongcun Village and Nanping Village. Transfer to Shexian County where Tangyue Archways are located. Play your golf in Huangshan Pine Golf Country Club freely to relax yourselves.
Hefei Golf Tour
First go the Chao Lake to appreciate the beautiful natural landscape of Hefei; second, pay a visit to the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, one of the most famous cultural attractions of Hefei. Then you may drive to the Zipengwan Golf Club or enjoy a wonder golf tour at Hefei Yuanyi International Golf Club.
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1. Huangshan Pine Golf Country Club 

The designers skillfully designed the fairways among the pine trees and hills. Around the rolling hills, continuous pines and cypresses forms a luxurious green filed. Jadeite Valley Golf Course, Lotus Valley course and Fairy Valley course are three major courses. Playing golf in such a charming environment, Huangshan Pine Golf & Country Club is your best choice to swing. Covering 168 acres, the course has 18 holes and 72 pars that measure 6,471 yards.
Address: No. 78 Longjing, Airport Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui
Tel: 86-559-2568399

2. Hefei Zipengwan Golf Club 

Hefei Zipengwan Golf Club is an 18-hole 72-par golf course situated in the charming Zipeng Mountain National Forest Park. It is 20 minutes' drive from the downtown Hefei, and is 30 minutes' drive from Luogang International Airport. Occupying an area of about 197.7 acres, it has 7,206 yards long fairways. In addition, it has luxury clubhouse, five-star hotel, holiday villas and floodlit court. It is really a nice resort for your golf vacation.
Address: Zipeng Mountain National Forest Park
Tel: 86-551-5171393
Fax: 86-551-5166673

3. Hefei Yuanyi International Golf Club
Situated in the northern suburban area of Hefei, the Yuanyi International Golf Club is only 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) away from the downtown area. Occupying about 329.5 acres, it has 18 holes and 72 pars of international standard and the fairways measure 7,142 yards. Designed the Australian designer Les Watts, the course is constructed according to the topography of the lakefront.
As a vacation village, the club is equipped with a 5000 square meter (1.2 acres) clubhouse of European style, elegant dinning room serving both Chinese and western style food, five-star hotel, sauna center and fishing center. Choose this club and you will have a fantastic golf holiday. 
Address: Shuangfeng lakefront, Shuangdun Town, Hefei, Anhui Province
Tel: 86-551-6378899
Fax: 86-551-6376666
Email Address:

4. Xuancheng White Horse Mountain Villa Golf Club
Built in 2006, the Xuancheng White Horse Mountain Villa Golf Club has an 18-hole 72-par golf course and the yardage of the fairways is 7,200. Located near the border of Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, it is only 1.5 hours' drive from Nanjing. What is more, the 5000-square-meter club house is designed according to the five-star standard, equipped with comfortable guest rooms, dinning hall, coffee house, gymnasium, sauna house as well as deluxe KTV box. 
Address: White Horse Mountain Villa, Liqiao Town, Xuanzhou District, Xuancheng, Anhui
Tel: 86-563-3492807