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3 Days Golf Tour of Jinan

Jinan Golf Tour
Known as the 'City of Springs', Jinan is a nice place for you to spend your golf vacation. Make sure you have enough time to travel around this charming historical city before you start your golf tour.   If you know well of Jinan attractions, you may dash directly to the most famous place of interest in Jinan, the Baotu Spring Park lying in the center of the city. There you will be amazed at the spectacular spring water column which sometimes can reach as high as 86.9 feet. Then you may travel to the Quancheng Square and the Daming Lake which are very near the Baotu Spring Park. After seeing Jinan's water scenery, if you would like to have a view of Jinan's mountain, the Qianfoshan (Thousand Buddha Mountain) is highly recommended.If time is possible, you may pay a visit to Shandong Provincial Museum which is just at the foot of the Thousand Buddha Mountain.  Before you start your golf tour, have a stop at the Wufeng mountain reputed as the fairyland in Shandong province. After a wonderful tour, you can drive to the Rockhills National Golf Resort or Jinan Guoke International Golf Club to enjoy the delight of golfing.
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1. Jinan Rockhills National Golf Resort 

With the rise of the golf activity in China, an increasing number of clubs are built around the city. Founded in 2006, Jinan Rockhills National Golf Club is the only one which has an international standard golf course in Jinan City. It is right located in the Five-Peak Mountain Tourist Resort, 30 minutes' drive from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport and only 20 minutes' drive from the downtown surrounded by the hot tourist line in Shandong province. You can get there through Beijing-Fuzhou or Beijing-Shanghai expressways. The course design and construction make full use of the natural beauty of the Five-Peak Mountain and the Guyun Lake. And the designer Thomas A. Ross dependsing on his keen eye on the golf make out a very personalize golf ground. It has an 18-hole 72-par course that measures 7,244 yards. The clubhouse has an area of 1.8 acres, containing dinning house, coffee house, commercial hall, multifunctional hall and VIP rooms.  Undoubtedly, a successful design is not the only judgment to a good golf club. The clients always take its service quality into consideration seriously. Jinan Rockhills National Golf Resort does their earnest t to offer their first-class to every clients at all times.  
Address: Guyun Lake, Changqing District, Jinan, Shangdong Province
Tel: 86-531-87439999
Fax: 86-531-87439597
2. Jinan Guoke International Golf Club 
Jinan Guoke International Golf Club is a typical plain golf course that was founded in 2004. The golf course covers an area of 197.7 acres, and has 18 holes and 72 pars, measuring 7,127 yards. The grassland and forest area is 173 acres while the water area is 29.7 acres. Designed by American Grade Golf Design Company, the club has a complete set of supporting facilities, such as the clubhouse, the hot spring sports center and the garden-style hotel.   
Address: Qihe Economy Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong Province
Tel: 86-531-85500004
Fax: 86-531-85500006