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Hohhot02 : Adventure in Inner-Mongolia
This tour will lead you to adventure the grassland and desert where Genghis Khan ever lived. The Mongolian tent, horse carriage and groups of sheep, which offer an opportunity for you to learn more about Mongolian people's life. You will be excited by vast grassland and golden desert.

6-Day Tour of Hohhot - Xilamuren Grassland - Baotou - Ordos - Hohhot

Arrive in Hohhot and check in at a local hotel. Have a rest.
Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
Hohhot - Xilamuren Grassland
Go to the beautiful Xilamuren Grassland by bus. You can enjoy the beautiful scene of Yishan Mountains on the way. Arrive at noon. Have Mongolian "finger mutton" for lunch. The mutton on the grassland does not have any rammish smell but pleasant smell of grass. In the afternoon, you can take some activities, such as watch horse race, wrestling performance, visit herdsman's house, experience their life on the grassland, taste some silk productions, photograph, watch the sunset and ride horse on the grassland. At the time of dinner, the herdsman will welcome you by using wine with "hada" and silver bowls. After dinner, enjoy the wonderful performance of Mongolian folk songs and dances and look up at the beautiful and clear starry sky on the grassland. Stay overnight at Mongolian Yurts.

Xilamuren Grassland - Baotou
In the morning, enjoy the splendid scenery of sunrise. Take bus to Baotou, the steel city on the grassland.
Kubuqi Desert
Look around the city and visit the Galaxy Square and Aerding Square. Continue to drive to Wudang Lamasery which is called "Small Potala Palace". It consists of six palaces, three mansions of living Buddha, a psyche tower and 94 buildings where lamas live. In the unique and great buildings and palaces of Tibetan style, you can feel the mysterious atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism without going to Tibet. Go back to Baotou and stay at a local hotel.

Baotou - Kubuqi Desert - Ordos
Drive to Kubuqi Desert. On the way, you will cross the bridge of Yellow River. Get on the Ordos Plateau and you can appreciate the great scene of plateau and canyon. Arrive at the "Resonant Sand Gorge" at the edge of the Kubuqi Desert. In the dry weather, if you slide down from the top of the dune, the sand makes the sound like a helicopter. If you move the sand with your hands, the sand makes the sound like a frog. You can glide the sand and ride camel to wander on the desert. Today, you can choose to stay overnight at a hotel in the scenic area of the "Resonant Sand Gorge" or in Ordos city.

Mausoleum of Genghis Khan - Hohhot
Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, Hohhot
Visit the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan who is "the Proud Son of Heaven". It locates on the grassland of Ejen Khoruu Banner on the Ordos plateau. The main structure of the mausoleum is three connected grand halls. There are kinds of weapons which were used by Genghis Khan in the halls. Through the steps, relievo and motto of the mausoleum, you can understand the connotation of the Mongolian culture. Visit the Eurasia Square to find out the territories that was built by Genghis Khan and his children in the different periods of 13th Century. Take bus to Hohhot and stay overnight at a local hotel.

Visit the Dazhao Temple which Tibetan Buddhism has the most far-reaching influence in Hohhot, Wuta Temple (the earliest Tibetan Buddhism temple in Hohhot) and the Tomb of Zhaojun. Tour ends.
Hohhot03 : Xilamuren Grassland in Hohhot
The Cyan City Hohhot lies in the boundless Mongolia grassland, the following 1 day Xilamuren grassland visit will offer you a special visual and spiritual feast.

Transportation:  Bus No. 44 departing from Nanchafang will take you to the Xilamuren  grassland directly. Alternately, you can take a coach to Bailing Temple  from the General North Bus Station, the grassland is on the way there.  If you have a car, you can drive along Provincial Highway 104 towards  the north for approximately 2 hours and reach the Xilamuren grassland.
The Xilamuren grassland is situated in the middle of Wulanchabu grassland, 90 kilometers from Hohhot. This is the nearest such tourist attraction to Hohhot.
Dance performance in Xilamuren Grassland
Xilamuren, which means "yellow water" in Mongolian, is also known as Zhaohe. Numerous tourists come here to  admire  the infinite grassland scenery. They come to the conclusion that the rolling hills, verdant grass and galloping horses are the main attractions here. It is not too hot to visit the grassland in summer, when temperatures range from 18 to 21 degrees centigrade. The best season to visit Hohhot is from April to September. But if you want to capture the best sight of Xilamuren grassland, you are advised to visit in the middle of July or the beginning of September. The annual thrilling Nadam Fair is held during that period when you can enjoy a wide variety of activities. You might not be satisfied with being spectators to the "Three Manly Sports" - wrestling, horseback riding, and archery. There is an equal chance for you to participate as long as you are brave and wise. You may also visit the home of a herdsman's family or take part in a grand campfire party, or roam over the vast grassland. Take an early morning bus to get there and enjoy a jubilant grassland day.
Hohhot04 : Manhan Mountain & Daihai Sea
Covering one mountain and one sea, this 1 day itinerary abstracts the essential scenery of Liangcheng, which is a classic route for weekend tour.

Transportation: Take a coach from the General South Bus Station (Telephone: 0471-5954997), to Liangcheng County. Manhan Mountain stands in the western part of Liangcheng County and Daihai Sea sea is in the east. If you want to drive there on your own, following the Provincial Highway 102 for 60 kilometers in the southeast direction.
Daihai Sea, Hohhot
In the morning, you might visit Manhan Mountain Forest Park. The crag hangs in the air and precipitous ridges are continuous one after another like a dragon hovering in the sky. Lush vegetation, flying birds and running beasts blend well together and form a beautiful picture. A variety of the legends is hidden behind each site such as Buddha Cave, Mandarin Duck Peak, Sea Observing Pavilion and Buddha Worshipping Pavilion, along with other marvelous stones and forests. You must see the Icehouse of ten thousand year, the most mysterious legend.
In the afternoon, a Daihai Sea visit will offer you another kind of memory. Daihai is located in the Liusumu Village, a narrow cave-in Basin, where converge more than 20 rivers and ground water streams. The admission fee is CNY35.00. Copies of ancient archways, colorful fountain, Haixi Reed sight, and a unique grassland flavor prevail here. Mongolian folk songs and wrestling are popular entertainments while ethnic delicacies and the kindness of the local people add to the enjoyment of your stay.

Hiking in Other Destinations of Inner Mongolia: Hulun Buir Hiking Routes
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Asked by Lu | Oct. 11, 2011 10:04Reply
I would like to go to the Gobi desert fro Hohhot, how can I hire an excursion?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ramdutt | Oct. 11, 2011 07:22

You can go to Erenhot, where the Gobi lie. Taking train is safer and it will take you around 8 hours.
Asked by Mrs.Beppie from CHINA | Sep. 03, 2009 07:29Reply
We would like to visit Hohhot and area, will we see the Gobi desert around that area? We will be there from 30 September to 6 October, will time be enough?
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Answered by Mr.Andrew from CHINA | Sep. 21, 2009 02:54

That is about the same time as I will be visiting...26th - 5th Oct. Sorry I can't answer your Q but happy to meet up for a hot chocolate if in the same place, same time.
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