Yunnan - Dali Hiking Tour

Dali03 : 6 Days Dali - Xiaguan - Jinhaiwang - Haidong - Washe - Suanglang - Jiangwei - Dali
Day One: Getting Started
Take Bus No. 8 from Dali's Old Town to Xiaguan (Dali's New Town). This trip is about 13km and will take approximately 30 minutes. Another option is to hike to Xiaguan, which is southeast of Dali. Local hostels are available as you prepare for your hike.

Day Two: Erhai Lake - Haidong
Erhai Lake, Dali
On day two of your journey, begin hiking around the eastern shore of Erhai Lake. Hike 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) away from Xiaguan to the town of Haidong, which is located in eastern Dali. This trip will take approximately four to five hours. Guest houses We recommend spending the night in one of Haidong's guest houses.

Day Three: Haidong - Wase
On day three of your journey, you will hike 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Haidong to the town of Wase, a six to seven hour trip. Along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape, which leads into Wase's Erhai Lake - the birthplace of the Bai Minority. Today the Bai culture still thrives around in Erhai Lake area. The Wase villiage and the sights, sounds and tastes of the local market will be the first highlights of your tour. Stay overnight at the Sumoon Hostel (Add: the port of Wase Village, Wase Town, Dali; Tel: 0872-2468619).
Day Four: Wase - Shuanglang - Jiangwei
On day four, hike 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) out of Wase to Shuanglang, which is located on the eastern bank of the Erhai Lake. Shuanglang lies at the base of the Jizu Mountain and faces both Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain. Here you will enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake. It is said that Shuanglang provides the only access route to the South Silk Road. Shuanglang's neat stone streets and alleys seem to tell stories about the town's history. While you are here, do not forget to visit the eight scenic spots on Shuanglang's Nanzhao Island. Nanzhau's scenic spots include the Shayimu Sculptures, the Fuxing Square, the Sea View Villa, the Nanzhao Summer Xanadu, the Culture and Art Square of Bai Minority, the Beach Amusement Park, the Taihu Stones and the Fishing boats. Continue to hike 13km to Jiangwei, the headstream of Erhai Lake. Stay overnight in the village.
Bai Minority traditional house, Dali
Day Five: Jiangwei -Xizhou
Today, enjoy the natural beauty of Erhai Park's headstream. Hike 6km to visit Butterfly Spring, the Shangguan Flower Park, the Longshouguan Relic Site and the tie dying areas of Zhoucheng. In the heart of Bai Minority, the Butterfly Spring symbolizes love's loyalty. On the Butterfly Meeting every year (April 15, the lunar calendar), thousands of butterflies flock to the spring from all directions - a spectacular sight. Continue hiking to the town of Xizhou. Visit the the Xizhou Bai Minority Village and Yan's Compound. Xizhou is the central meeting town for those within the Bai Minority. It is home to the most and best kept historical and cultural houses within the Bai Minority. Yan's Compound is one such famous residence. Stay overnight at the local guesthouse in Xizhou. 
Day Six: Xizhou - Dali's Old Town
On the last day of your journey, hike 16km back to Dali's Old Town. Along the way, visit the Three Pagodas of the Chongsheng Temple, the symbol of Yunan's ancient history and culture, and one of the oldest and greatest architectural sites in southern China. Your tour concludes in Dali's Old Town.
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