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Mirror of Sky - Chaka Salt Lake is becoming a Garbage Dump?

Published: Aug. 15, 2018

Recently, the hot scenic spot Chaka Salt Lake in west of Qinghai Province, also known as “the Mirror of the Sky”, is facing a serious challenge about garbage and is gradually becoming a dump.

Why does the Lake become a Dump?

In order to protect the Chaka Salt Lake, the scenic spot has specially customized degradable shoe covers for tourists and arrange about 200 cleaners to maintain a clean environment. However, from July, a peak travel season, a large quantity of visitors swarmed into this place. It is reported that, in the peak period, the scenic area receives about 40,000 visitors per day. Many travelers casually litter the degradable shoe covers in the lake after the visit, which results in 12 tons of garbage in one single day. This has caused a disturbing trouble to the scenic area and damaged the environment seriously.

Besides the improper behaviors of tourists, the poor management of the scenic area should be to blame. Although around 200 cleaners are working hard to keep clean, it is not enough since there are much more travelers comparing with past years. In addition to the understaffed situation, the instructions are not sufficient; the tour activities are relatively less; absence of viewing platforms and trestle cause visitors pile into the lake at will. Meanwhile, the scenic area hasn’t restricted the number of tourists.

All the reasons above contribute to the bad result. People begin to worry that if we can still enjoy the beautiful landscape several decades later. So far, the managers of Chaka Salt Lake have taken measures, which include restricting the number of tourists and increasing cleaners. Hope we can see a true “Mirror of the Sky” sooner.


China's Dying Scenery

Many types of scenery in China are disappearing like Chaka Salt Lake because of the improper activities of human beings and nature causes. Here lists a part of the dying scenery. What we can do is to enjoy the scenery before they completely vanish and make more efforts to protect them.

 The Great Wall
The Great Wall is one of Seven Wonders in the world and also one of the most famous scenic spots in China. However, it is disappearing year by year. Nearly one third of the walls have already disappeared, especially the early walls made of rammed earth, which are easily deteriorating, cracking and collapsing. These early walls have great possibility to disappear within 30 years. There are still some well-maintained sections in Beijing and take your time to enjoy them. 

Join Our Guided Great Wall Tours to Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Simatai.

  Mogao Caves
A master piece of Buddhist art, which contains a lot of delicate murals and magnificent sculptures, is located in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. The Mogao Caves is gradually dying because of drought climate, sand accumulation, wind erosion, wind dust and humidity change caused by surge of tourists.

 Crescent Lake
The Crescent Lake is closed to the Mogao Caves and surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain and it is a pearl in the desert. However, it is dying due to over-exploitation of groundwater in early years and wind sand problem.

 Lugu Lake
Lying on the border of Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province, it used to be a fair lake. Nevertheless, the water pollution and excessive commercialized develop may cause the disappearance of the beautiful scenery.

 Dongchuan Red Land
It is known for its red earth in a large area. The iron and aluminum in the soil gradually formed this dazzling color. In order to protect local environment, people will plant some trees so that the red color will be covered.

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