Baochu Pagoda

Baochu Pagoda by West Lake
Baochu Pagoda in the Distance
Located on Precious Stone Hill to the north of West Lake, the Baochu Pagoda is also known as the 'Baoshu', 'Baosuo', or the 'Precious Stone Pagoda'. It mirrors the Leifeng Pagoda to the south of the lake from a distance. The Baochu Pagoda is often compared to a slim beauty, while the Leifeng Pagoda is an old monk. They are landmarks and famous tourist attractions of West Lake. In addition, Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds has been listed as one of the top scenes of West Lake. Tourists can have a panoramic view of the tower and the whole West Lake when standing on the top of the hill.

History and Legend of Baochu Pagoda

The Baochu Pagoda was first constructed during the Kaibao Period (968-976) in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). At that time, Qian Chu, the King of the Wuyue Kingdom, was summoned to the capital city Bianjing (today's Kaifeng in Henan Province) by the Emperor, Zhao Kuangyin. But he did not return to the kingdom for a long time. Worried about his safety, his uncle Wu Yanshuang built the nine-storey tower to pray for his safety, hence the name Baochu, which means 'protecting Chu' in English.

The tower has been rebuilt six times in history. In the fifty-fourth year (1789) during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a stele was found beneath the tower, which recorded its construction by Wu Yanshuang. The existing seven-storey tower was built in 1932. Later in 1997, the broken iron finial was replaced with a new one. The Baochu Pagoda was listed as a key historical and cultural relic under state protection in May, 2013.


The octagonal Baochu Pagoda is made of bricks and consists of seven storeys. It is 45.3 meters (149 feet) high, and each side of the lowest storey measures 3.3 meters (3.6 yards). The side length of every storey decreases progressively. At the top of it stands an iron finial that is supported by a wooden pedestal. Thus, the tower resembles an octagonal pyramid and a long sword piercing the sky. That is very splendid! The tower cannot be ascended because it is solid. On each side of the storey is a blind window. A column is at the corner of two sides. Below the window and the column are the decorations of interlocking brackets. The pedestal is mainly made of granite stones. A stele, bearing the inscriptions of the renovations of the tower, is inserted into the back side of the first storey.

Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds

The Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds has been listed as one of the most popular attractions in West Lake for its colorful stones and the magnificent Baochu Pagoda. The hill is made of igneous rocks that can present purple and brown colors in the sun. In early morning and evening, the glow in the sky contrasts finely with the colorful rocks of the hill. With numerous precious stones glistening, the tower appears very attractive. Visitors will be deeply impressed by the intoxicating scene!

How to get to Baochu Pagoda

Take bus 7, Y10, 27, 51, 52, or 118 to Geling Station, and walk northeast for about 300 meters (328 yards) to Baochu Pagoda.
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Entrance Fee Free of charge
Opening Hours All day long
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