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What to Do if I Lost My China Train Ticket?

Losing your China train ticket does not mean losing the seat or sleeper. You can report the loss to railway staff and reclaim it to keep traveling. If the ticket is lost before the train leaves, reclaim it from the designated ticket window at the departure station; if on the train, get it back from the staff onboard; if at the arrival station, report it at the check-out gate. 

What documents and information are required to reclaim the lost ticket? 

The valid ID certificate used in buying the original ticket; the name of the railway station where you bought or collected the original ticket; information on the original ticket including departure date, train number and arrival station.

4 Steps to Reclaim a Lost Train Ticket
4 Steps to Reclaim a Lost China Train Ticket before Getting Onboard

Lost China Train Ticket before Getting Onboard
- Reclaim It at the Departure Station, 4 Steps

Step 1: Buy a replacement ticket with the required documents and information. The replacement ticket has the same train number, same seat class, same arrival station, same price and so on as the original one; the only difference is a special mark. 

Step 2: Get onboard with the replacement. 

Step 3: Inform the staff after getting onboard and they will provide you a travel voucher before arrival. 

Step 4: Get a full refund of the replacement upon arrival within 24 hours. The ID certificate, the replacement, the travel voucher and a service fee of CNY 2 will be required at this time. The replacement and travel voucher will not be returned. 

Usually, there is a designated ticket window handling ticket loss. Passengers should handle the procedure before the end of the ticket issuing time frame at the departure station, which varies from 5 to 20 minutes before departure at different stations. 

Chinese Phrases Used at Railway Stations 


Lost Ticket on the Train - Reclaim It from the Staff Onboard, 3 Steps

Case 1: purchase record of the original ticket can be found

Step 1: Report the loss to the staff. 

Step 2: Get a replacement and a travel voucher for free after the purchase record is confirmed. CNY 2 will be charged as service fee. 

Step 3: Check out with the replacement. Sometimes, the staff at the arrival station will also check the ID certificate and travel voucher and they will take the travel voucher back. 

Case 2: purchase record of the original ticket cannot be found

Step 1: Tell the staff of the loss.

Step 2: Purchase a replacement at certain service fee and ask for a travel voucher. 

Step 3: Get full refund of the replacement and the service fee within 24 hours upon arrival with ID certificate, replacement and travel voucher, after the staff confirm the purchase record of the original ticket. The travel voucher will be taken back and CNY 2 will be charged. 

Sometimes after the staff onboard find the purchase record of the original ticket or even if they do not find it, they will just let you keep traveling without doing anything in order to save trouble. If you have any trouble when checking out, follow the steps below.  

Lost Ticket before Checking Out - Reclaim It at the Arrival Station, 3 Steps

Step 1: Inform the staff about the loss. 

Step 2: Get a replacement for free and pay the service fee of CNY 2 after the staff checks the original purchase record.

Step 3: Check out with the replacement and ID certificate. 

6 Situations Considered as Travelling Without Tickets, Not Losing Tickets 

1. Passengers cannot provide valid ID certificate for buying the original ticket.

2. Purchase record cannot be found either onboard or at stations.

3. The original ticket has turned invalid, been refunded or used.

4. The ID certificate provided, the passenger and the purchase record do not match.

5. The information on the original ticket and on the wanted replacement do not match. 

6. The actual traveling distance is longer than the allowed distance of the original ticket. 

Once found, the passenger will be asked to buy a new ticket at certain service fee. Also, the passenger’s ID information will be collected.   

 Note: The above rules are only applied to tickets of those trains running within Mainland China, but not applied to international trains and those to/from Hong Kong.

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Questions & Answers on What to Do if I Lost My China Train Ticket?
Asked by BAKHSHAH ZIB from PAKISTAN | Mar. 28, 2019 07:59Reply
Request for copy of the original ticket
I have bought the ticket from Nanjing south railway station to xinxiang railway station on 24 march 2019. I have already reached to my distination. But i have loss my ticket. I need that ticket for money reembercment from my University. Now i need the copy of that ticket for money reembercment from my University. I have the pictures and order number of ticket too. Please What i can do now ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Garen | Mar. 28, 2019 20:02

The paper ticket cannot be printed again once the journey finished. You may only have a try with the picture of the online booking.
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