Best Way to Travel between Beijing and Qingdao

It is about 530km (330mi) between Beijing and Qingdao. The best way to travel is by high speed train taking 3-5h and CNY312-336 for 2nd class seat. The second choice is flight. It needs 1.5h and CNY500-940 for economy class. Though it has shorter duration, the total door-to-door travel time is no less than high speed train for airports are further from downtown than railway stations. For budget travelers, long-distance bus is worth considering, taking 8-9h and CNY195-255. In addition, for travelers from Qingdao to Beijing, normal speed train is the fourth choice, requiring about 14h.

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How to Travel from Beijing to Qingdao

1. Best Way: Beijing to Qingdao High Speed Train: 3-5h, CNY314-336 for 2nd Class Seat

12 to 15 high speed trains are in operation every day. From 7:00 to 18:00, one to two trains depart from Beijing South Railway Station every hour. People may arrive at either Qingdao Railway Station or Qingdao North Railway Station.

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY314-336; 1st Class Seat: CNY523.5-550; Business Class Seat: CNY967.5-1,031.5

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2. Alternative: Beijing to Qingdao Flight: 1h 35min, CNY500-850 for Economy Class

There are ten daily flights to Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO). Except flight MU6965 which leaves from Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), others depart from Capital International Airport (PEK). The earliest flight is scheduled at 6:45 and the last one at 22:20.

 Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY500-850; Business Class: CNY7,000

3. Beijing to Qingdao Long-distance Bus: 8-9h, CNY200-230

Dep. Point (Beijing) Arr. Point (Qingdao) Dep. Time
Liuliqiao Bus Station Laixi Bus Station 07:50
Jimo Bus Station 18:00
Pingdu Bus Station 07:50, 15:00
Zhaogongkou Bus Station Laixi Bus Station 17:30
Huangdao Bus Station 13:45, 19:30
Jiaozhou Bus Station 19:30
Pingdu Bus Station 17:00
Yongdingmen Bus Station Jimo Bus Station 13:00, 16:00
Pingdu Bus Station 07:30, 12:00, 13:00, 16:00
Xinfadi Bus Station Huangdao Bus Station 07:32, 10:00
Jiaozhou Bus Station 07:32, 10:00
Pingdu Bus Station 16:30
Lianhuachi Bus Station Pingdu Bus Station 15:00

How to Travel from Qingdao to Beijing

1. Best Way: Qingdao to Beijing High Speed Train: 3-5h, CNY312-336 for 2nd Class Seat

12 to 15 high speed trains run from Qingdao Railway Station or Qingdao North Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station every day. One to two trains depart hourly from 8:00 to 19:30. 

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY312-336; 1st Class Seat: CNY516.5-550; Business Class Seat: CNY967.5-1,031.5

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2. Alternative: Qingdao to Beijing Flight: 1h 35min, CNY500-940 for Economy Class

Ten flights are available every day. Flight MU6966 is the only choice for those who want to arrive at Daxing Airport, and others land off at Capital Airport. The earliest plane takes off at 7:05 while the last one takes off at 21:10.

 Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY500-940; Business Class: CNY7,000

3. Qingdao to Beijing Long-distance Bus: 8-9h, CNY195-255

Dep. Point (Qingdao) Arr. Point (Beijing) Dep. Time
Long-distance Bus Station Yongdingmen Bus Station 06:50, 07:30, 10:50, 11:15,
12:00, 13:00, 16:40, 20:10
North Bus Station Yongdingmen Bus Station 16:30
East Bus Station Beijing 15:50
Cangkou Bus Station Beijing 15:40
Pingdu Bus Station Beijing 19:00

4. Economic Choice: Normal Speed Train: about 14h, CNY221-230 for Hard Sleeper

There is only one normal speed train, Z350, departing from Qingdao Railway Station at 12:50, making a stop at Qingdao North Railway Station from 13:09 to 13:17 and arriving at Beijing Railway Station about 14h later.

 Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY119-124; Hard Sleeper: CNY221-230; Soft Sleeper: CNY339-351
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