Best Way to Travel between Beijing and Qingdao

It is about 530km (330mi) between Beijing and Qingdao. The best way to travel is by high speed train taking 3-5h and CNY291-365 for 2nd class seat. The second choice is taking a flight. It needs 1.5h and CNY600-1,900 for economy class. Though it has a shorter duration, the total door-to-door travel time is no less than high speed train for airports are further from downtown than railway stations. The overnight D725 is also worth considering, taking about 8 hours and CNY293 for Hard Sleeper. 

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How to Travel from Beijing to Qingdao

1. Best Way: Beijing to Qingdao High Speed Train: 3-5h, CNY291-365 for 2nd Class Seat

24 G-type high speed trains are in operation every day from 7:00 to 20:00, departing from Beijing South Railway Station to Qingdao Railway Station or Qingdao North Railway Station

 Ticket Fare: CNY291-365 for 2nd Class Seat; CNY483-583 for 1st Class Seat; CNY981-1,201 for Business Class Seat

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2. Alternative: Beijing to Qingdao Flight: 1.5h, CNY600-1,900 for Economy Class

There are 7-8 daily flights to Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. Most of them depart from Capital International Airport (PEK). The earliest flight is scheduled at 7:00 and the last one at 23:20.

3. Economic Overnight Trains: 8h or 11h; CNY207/293 for Hard Sleeper

One overnight normal speed train, Z349, departs from Beijing Fengtai Railway Station and arrives at Qingdao North Railway Station. One overnight D-type train, D725, departs from Beijing Railway Station to Qingdao North Railway Station. 

Train Dep. -Arr. Duration
D725 22:42-06:35 7h53min
Z349 22:50-09:48 10h58min

 Ticket Fare:
D725: CNY293 for Hard Sleeper; CNY372 for Soft Sleeper; CNY190 for Hard Seat
Z349: CNY119 for Hard Seat; CNY207 for Hard Sleeper; CNY324 for Soft Sleeper


4. Beijing to Qingdao Long-distance Bus: 8-9h, CNY230-260

Dep. Point (Beijing) Dep. Time Ticket Fare
Zhaogongkou Bus Station 9:00 CNY256
18:00 CNY230
Xinfadi Bus Station 7:30 CNY260

How to Travel from Qingdao to Beijing

1. Best Way: Qingdao to Beijing High Speed Train: 3-5h, CNY311-362 for 2nd Class Seat

24 G-type high speed trains run from Qingdao Railway Station, Qingdao West Railway Station or Qingdao North Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station every day. The earliest train departs at 7:07 and the latest train departs at 19:26. 

 Ticket Fare: CNY311-362 for 2nd Class Seat; CNY515-586 for 1st Class Seat; CNY980-1,199 for Business Class Seat

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2. Alternative: Qingdao to Beijing Flight: 1.5h, CNY700-1,600 for Economy Class

7-8 flights are available every day. Most of the flights arrive at Beijing Capital Aiport. The earliest plane takes off at 7:10 while the last one takes off at 23:00.

3. Economic Overnight Bullet Train: 9h, CNY293 for Hard Sleeper

The overnight D726 departs from Qingdao North Railway Station at 20:59 and arrives at Beijing Railway Station at 6:03. The duration is about 9 hours. 

 Ticket Fare: CNY190 for 2nd Class Seat; CNY293 for Hard Sleeper; CNY372 for Soft Sleeper
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