Best Beijing Cafés

In Beijing, it is a good choice for you to enjoy your time in a quiet coffee bar along the road and taste a cup of flavor coffee at will.  Many top coffee shops in Beijing provide commonly kinds of mug-ups prepared for you to satisfy your stomach. They are both excellent in shape and taste.

1. Starbucks Coffee

Chinese name: 星巴克咖啡(xīng bā kè kā fēi)
As one of best Beijing cafés, Starbucks supplies welcomed Frappuccino, Latte....
Average Cost per Person: CNY40
 Xidan Joy City Branch
Location: 2F, Joy City, No.131, North Xidan Street, Xicheng District
 Tianhefang Branch
Location: No. 19A, Shichahai, Xicheng District
 SOHO Branch
Location: Chaoyangmen SOHO, No. 1, Nanzhugan Hutong
 Dongfang Square Branch
Location: Eastern New World, No.1, Dong Changan Jie, Dongcheng District
 Fenglian Branch
Location: 1/F, Fenglian Square, No.18, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
 Guomao Branch
Location: International Business Center, Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District
 New World Branch
Location: 1/F, New World Emporium, No.3, Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District

2. Sculpting In Time

Chinese name: 雕刻时光咖啡馆(diāo kè shí guāng kā fēi guǎn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Recommended Dishes: Cheese Cake, Coffee, Pizza, Pasta, Milk Tea, Creamed Mushroom Soup, Tiramisu
 Wudaokou Branch
Location: No. 12, Qinghua Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu, Haidian District
 Xiangshan Branch
Location: No.11A, Maimai Jie, Xiangshan, Haidian District
 Gongti Branch
Location: No. 16, East Gongti Road
 Haitu Branch
Location: No. 39, West Haidian Street

3. Dio Café Beijing

Chinese name: 迪欧咖啡(dí ōu kā fēi)
Average Cost per Person: CNY55
Recommend Dishes: Coffee, Milk Tea, Char-grilled Steak with Pepper Sauce
 Yihai Huayuan Branch
Location: 2F, Yard No.5, Middle Hengfu Street
 Beijing Capital Airport Branch
Location: 1F, Restricted Area of Domestic Departure, T2

4. Manabe Beijing Café

Chinese name: 真锅(zhēn guō)
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Recommended Dishes: Charcoal Roasted Coffee, Ice Shaker
Beijing Capital Airport Branch: 2F, Terminal Building 3 (T3)

5. Cava Coffee Shop

Chinese name: 卡瓦小镇(kǎ wǎ xiǎo zhèn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY45
Recommended Dishes: Coffee
 Sihui Branch
Location: No. 1, Dongnan'an, Sihui Mansion
 Wangjing Branch
Location: No. 119, Wangjing Dongyuan, West Futong Street

6. Xiao Xin's Café

Chinese name: 小新的店(xiǎo xīn de diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY40
Recommended Dishes: Tiramisu
Location: No.103, Nan Luoguxiang, Dongcheng District

7. Library

Chinese name: 藏书馆咖啡(cáng shū guǎn kā fēi)
Average Cost per Person: CNY55
Recommended Dishes: Vegetable Salad
Location: No.11-16 (underground), Mudanyuan Xili, Haidian District

8. Sandglass Coffee

Chinese name: 沙漏咖啡(shā lòu kā fēi)
Average Cost per Person: CNY35
Recommended Dishes: Espresso, Latte
Location: No.1, Maoer Hutong, Dongcheng District

9. Friends' Cafe

Chinese name: 老友记主题店 (lao you ji zhu ti dian)
Average Cost per Person: CNY45
Recommended Dishes: Mocha, cheese cake, latte
Location: Room 0616, Building A, Chaowai SOHO, No. 6-B, Chaoyangmenwai Street, Chaoyang District

10. The Bridge Café Beijing

Chinese name: 桥咖啡 (qiáo kā fēi)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 60
Location: 8, No. 12, Huaqing Jiayuan Community, Haidian District

11. Café Zarah

Average Cost per Person: CNY 60
Location: No. 46, East Gulou Street, Dongcheng District

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Questions & Answers on Best Beijing Cafés
Asked by Pam from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 24, 2014 02:19Reply
We will be travelling soon and want to take some Chinese yuan with us for purchasing and spending.
Unfortunately we don't have any idea of the cost of items in China and so don't know how much money to take for our 7 day visit. Can you please let us know of the approximate cost of items we are likely to purchase such as cup of coffee, Big Mac and bottled water. Thanking you
Answers (1)
Answered by Cindy from CHINA | Jan. 25, 2014 02:13

Generally, a cup of coffee cots around CNY20 and a Big Mac costs CNY15-20.
A bottle of mineral water costs CNY1-2 and a bottle of beverage costs CNY3-5.
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