Top 10 Anhui Restaurants in Beijing

Anhui Cuisine, short for Hui cai (also known as Wan cai), is the label given to local dishes in Anhui Province. As early as Tang Dynasty (618-907), Anhui people brought Hui cai to other parts of China, including Wuhan, Luoyang, Shandong and Xi'an, and especially Shanghai. It is the first cuisine from other places in Shanghai. Hui cai is well known by cooking delicacies of every kind and it is a perfect combination of the five flavors. Below are some reknowned restaurants serving genuine Anhui cuisine in Beijing:

Top 10 Anhui Restaurants in Beijing

1. Huishang Birthplace

Chinese name: 徽商故里(huī shāng gù lǐ)
This restaurant serves authentic Anhui cuisines in Beijing as well as typical Anhui cultural items, including She inkstone, porcelain carvings, Xin'an paintings, and Lingbi stones. Most Anhui people feel like go back to their hometown when they have meals in this restaurant.
Average Cost per Person: CNY200 - CNY250
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: Smelly mandarin fish, Mengcheng baked bread, fried bamboo shoot, Chinese yam with pork chop soup
 Huishang Birthplace (Sanlihe Branch)
Location: No. 7, East Sanlihe Road
 Huishang Birthplace (Chaonei Branch)
Location: No. 2, Chaoyang Gate Nanxiao Street, Dongcheng District
 Huishang Birthplace (Yuanda Branch)
Location: 1F, Qngqing Commercial Building, No. 39, Yuanda Road, Haidian District

2. Tongqing Tower Restaurant

Chinese name: 同庆楼 (tóng qìng lóu)
This is a time-honored restaurant featuring Anhui cuisine in Beijing. First established in 1925, it has branch restaurants in Beijing, Nanjing,  Wuhan, and Wuhu.
Average cost per person: CNY150 - CNY200
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: smelly mandarin fish, braised pork in brown sauce, fried fermented tofu, roasted goose
 Tongqing Tower Restaurant (Jinbaohui Branch)
Location: 7F, Jinbaohui Shopping Center, No. 88, Jinbao Street
 Tongqing Tower Restaurant (Dazhongsi Branch)
Location: No. 13, Dazhongsi, North Sidaokou Street

3. Hai Tang Ju

Chinese name: 海棠居(hǎi táng jū)
Average cost per person: CNY180
Location: 3F, Jinyu Building, No. 129A, West Xuanwumen Street

4. Dream Restaurant

Chinese name: 梦都酒家 (mèng dū jiǔ jiā)
Average cost per person: CNY220
Location: No. 303, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District

5. Wan Nan Shui Xiang

(Water Town in Southern Anhui)
Chinese name: 皖南水乡 (wǎn nán shuǐ xiāng)
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: chicken soup, stewed beef with bean vermicelli, braised fish in soy sauce, fried eggs with Chinese chive
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
 Wan Nan Shui Xiang (Huixin West Street Branch)
Location: South of No. 7 Building, No. 5 Yard, Huixin Nanli, Chaoyang District
 Wan Nan Shui Xiang (Zhangguancun Branch)
Location: No.10-3, Haidian South Road, Haidian District

6. Da Yong Hui Restaurant

Chinese name: 大永徽酒楼 (dà yǒng huī jiǔ lóu)
As one of the top Anhui restaurants in Beijing, this restaurant is decorated in traditional Anhui style, providing an elegant dining atmosphere for customers.
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: fried pork with bamboo shoot, steamed taro in pumpkin, braised pork in soy sauce
Average Cost per Person: CNY120
Location: No. 45, Zengguang Road, Haidian District

7. Shangyu Anhui Cuisine Restaurant

Chinese name: 商宇徽菜馆 (shāng yǔ huī cài guǎn)
This is a top Anhui restaurant in Beijing, which is located at a courtyard in a deep hutong, but the delicious dishes here well worth the effort of finding it. 
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: Huangshan smelly mandarin fish, duck soup, fried celery with dried tofu
Average Cost per Person: CNY130
Location: No. 5, Panjiapo Hutong, Chaoyangmenwai, Dongcheng District

8. Anhui Mansion Chinese Restaurant

Chinese name:  安徽大厦中餐厅 (ān huī dà shà zhōng cān tīng)
Anhui Cuisine Food Recommended: smelly mandarin fish, Mengcheng stewed beef with bean vermicelli 
Average cost per person: CNY130
Location: Anhui Government in Beijing Office, No. 1, Huixin West Street, North 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District

9. Huizhou Xiaozhen

Chinese name: 徽州小镇 (huī zhōu xiǎo zhèn)
Average cost per person: CNY100 - CNY150
 Huizhou Xiaozhen (Gulou Dajie Branch)
Location: No. 61A, Ande Road, Andingmen
 Huizhou Xiaozhen (Huixin Dongjie Branch)
Location: Southwest Corner of East Beitucheng Road and East Huixin Street Intersection
 Huizhou Xiaozhen (Liyuan Branch)
Location: intersection of Liyuan Road and Middle Yuqiaoxili Street

10. Guage Anhui Cuisine Restaurant

Chinese name: 瓜哥徽菜 (guā gē huī cài)
Average cost per person: CNY100
Location: No. 21B, Jiuxianqiao Road
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